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Life after retirement

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In China, the current statutory retirement age is 60 years for men and 55 for women. China has entered an aging society. A large amount of retired people will start their new life after retirement.

The transition from a full-time exployee to total leisure might be one of the most important changes in our whole life. Many successful retirees said that they feel more satisfied with life from various activities and business. It makes a great sense of self-worth. They don't need endure hazardous working environment and office politics. They don't need take more efforts to get a higher position and acquire wealth. They can arrange their retired life based on interests and the business opportunities because they have enough time and budget to make their life more interesting and successful. Hence, they can think their life and doing business out of the common sense. So that, retired life must be the happiest phase in the whole life. Because there is no restriction of the rules and company culture, they can fully show their perseverance and optimistic attitude. More importantly, they have ability to deal with problems and create selling points for their business.

Specifically, most of retirees will study in the elderly university and learn new skills, like traditional Chinese medicine, cooking, handwriting, ink painting, chess, tea culture, ikebana, music, martial arts and dance. Some of them started up their own business, like Chinese restaurant, Chinese medicine clinic, art exhibition. The local government also provide many opportunities for retired people to enjoy high quality life.

I suggested that the retirees can continue doing their previous job. For example, a retired teacher can be a part-time teacher and teach student in the community, a retired dancer can teach dancing fans and help them to be a professional dancer. That may be the best way to make sense of self-identity and accomplishment.

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  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, keep you stay ahead 2018-4-10 17:12

    this is an encouraging dictum,and also tell. us the truth,we live because we have a lot things. to do ,to achieve,never should we. satisfy with our. present life
    otherwise we will regret in the near future.but i am puzzled now, because i don't know how to achieve my goals,and most important
    is i love my dream to what. extent.

  • On travel 2018-4-10 10:37

    travel makes us. enjoy our lifes more

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