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An invitation of Week-end party

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Dear friend,

It's been a long time since I saw you two years ago. How about your business and study? Are you still live in the downtown and run your toy shop?  Recently, I always think about the pleasant time we worked as colleagues and played as good friend. I think that's the right time for us to reminisce about the past.

Last month, I bought a riverside cottage for the purpose of enjoying my retired life. Because I feel bored about living in the city center. Also, My son and daughter had already graduated from the university and started to work. I have enough time to meet friends and learn something new. Likewise, I heard that your children started their own life. I am worring about the rest of our life and the healthy problems.

If you are not busy on the weekend, I'd like to invite you have a BBQ dinner and Cocktail pary with me and my family. I will prepare for fresh vegetables, meat, snacks, wine, and soft drinks. After party, we can play board game and Chinese chess. Or you can watch movies and TV series. The country air is good for your health, the natural scenery is beautiful for you to seek more inspirations for the new toys. There is a river around the village, we can boating and fishing in the river. The public transporation is convenient, you can catch a train after you finished work on Friday afternoon.  It costs about 40 minutes from the downtwon to the countryside.

Please let me know the exact time of your arrival by texting message or sending email, I can drive my car to pick you up. I'm looking forward to meeting you on the station. I have almost forgotten to tell you my appearance. I am not as slim as two years ago, becasue I go jogging and hiking every Sunday, so I am much stronger. I will wear black coat and jeans.



January 10, 2018

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  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, keep you stay ahead 2018-4-10 17:12

    this is an encouraging dictum,and also tell. us the truth,we live because we have a lot things. to do ,to achieve,never should we. satisfy with our. present life
    otherwise we will regret in the near future.but i am puzzled now, because i don't know how to achieve my goals,and most important
    is i love my dream to what. extent.

  • On travel 2018-4-10 10:37

    travel makes us. enjoy our lifes more

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