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A profound diplomatic event, the Nixon trip to China

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In 1972, Chairman Mao Zedong (3rd L) and President Nixon (4th L) held a meeting in Zhongnanhai, with Premier Zhou Enlai (1st L) and Dr. Kissinger (1st R). Photo/Baidu

The United States is a fairly developed capitalist country with the powerful economy, military power, culture and industry. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the United States has become the only superpower in the world. As the most mighty country, America has principled and flexible diplomatic policy to pursue its national interest, and maintain the world peace and security. Looking back to the past years, the milestones in U.S. diplomatic history have changed the world order and eliminated the regional conflicts. The Nixon trip to China is a profound diplomatic event that was quite helpful to build a new partnership between China and The United States.

In 1972, the American president Richard Nixon initiated a state visit to China on February 22. In 1971, Henry Kissinger, National ecurity Advisor and future Secretary of State had two trips to China in relation to consult with Premier Zhou Enlai. Not only did this visit melted into icy relations, but is also formed an advantageous influence with the USSR.

Playing the China Card is a strategic and far-sighted foreign affair. Taking into account the global strategy, America wouldn't just be building diplomatic relations with soviet, they are eager to consider about Eastern Europe and China. This is beneficial for the further development between America and other countries. It pushed for better relations and thawed out the historical tensions and hostilities. More importantly, Kissinger and Nixon expected to solve the issues about the Vietnam War.

Winston Lord, a member of the National Security Council's planning staff who accompanied Nixon on his state visit to China. According to his reminiscences, there are several details about this visit we need to review and rethink.

The President Nixon was somewhat disappointed about the Chinese reception becasue of the small crowd, not thousands of people in cheering crowds. They defined Chairman Mao as a tough, ruthless peasant, but they still confirmed that Mao is a self-deprecating man, and has a tremendous ego. They were obviously happy because of the immediate, friendly meeting with Mao. They talked about the polar bear, the Soviet Union and the Taiwan problem. Moreover, they mentioned that anti-hegemony and wished to get together against the Soviets for a common concern, not as allies. They gave affirmative compliments about the visit and the Shanghai communiqué, which means the relationship between China and the United States to normalize.

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And Australian leader Gough Whitlam visited China before Nixon.

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