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How to give a presentation?

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By Ren Hong


To give a brilliant presentation, many people come up with constructive suggestions. There are some key features for all of us to deliver a good presentation.


First of all, one point to consider is that use template, which can be used for work report, graduation, wedding, birthday, farewell and recruitment. Choose a model you like and match the theme of your speech.


Next, be familiar with the environment and location where you should give a presentation. Make sure all equipments are working very well.


After that, prepare for your presentation by collecting materials and make PPT slides. That would be useful for you to give a successful presentation. Because you have already practiced to explain the key points and interact with the audience.


In addition, keep polite and decent behaviors and appearance. Take your showcase as an important meeting so that you can handle the unpredictable situations.


Furthermore, know how to express your view and transit smoothly. Cite others’ opinion and repeat important points. Use visual aids to help you prove your statements and persuade your colleagues and audience.


To be honest, there are various ways to give a presentation. A further consideration would be that the content. My concern would be that by giving more detailed information, otherwise we would lose a lot of loyalty audience.


For example. I am going to talk about environmental issues. I need to check the current situation and the historical problems. Moreover, I should give solution to help people protect environment. I will introduce the successful examples in the western countries about solving environmental problems. Actually, it’s safe to list the horrible consequences if we didn’t pay more attention on the environment. I would like to use graphs and data to analyze the problem and reassure the audience support my opinion and understand what I was talking about.


It’s different about presentation and public speech. For presentation, you can use more visual aids help you to report. But for public speech, you should perform it without visual aids. Definitely, you ought to use body language and varied tones to impress and persuade your audience, and encourage them to take actions and enhance the awareness about social issues or urgent situations.


Think about the main ideas logically and keep it in the appropriate pace, slow down the speed of talking, attract audience follow your performance and interact with them. In that way, you will succeed in giving an awesome presentation.


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Reply Report Liononthehunt 2017-6-19 11:11
I would also like to offer some tips that I have learned from colleagues, training sessions, and personal experiences.
If you don't have to stand behind a lectern, then you'd better pace the dais when delivering your speech, otherwise you may look too stilted and dampen the audience's interest in what you have to say.
Be aware of where you hands are, and make use of hand gestures to cut a vibrant image of yourself. Under no circumstances, you put your hands in your pockets, as it looks very impolite. ( Moreover, a German colleague of mine once told me that one of his co-workers unconsciously scratched his thigh through the cloth of his pants' pocket when speaking onstage, as a result of the jitters he was feeling, and totally unaware that was an act everybody but him could see.)
Last but not least, it is of utter importance to have rehearsals, especially when there are strict time limits for your presentation. It is no fun wrapping up your speech hurriedly at the end of it without making a decent concluding remark.

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