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China rebuild world order under 'Silk Road' strategy

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Ren Hong

To operate Silk Road Economic Belt and The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, The Belt and Road Forum for international cooperation has been held on May 14-15, 2017. The heads of state and government, international organizations attended this meeting. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting.

The meeting has significant meaning to advocate the countries along the ancient Silk Road and the countries along the modern Silk Road, even other countries which are not in the route of Silk Road. The purpose of this meeting is to create a new era to make an international cooperation with all countries in the world. In China's Han dynasty, a brave, royal emissary Zhang Qian explored a road from the East to the West. In China's Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, the Silk routes expanded to both over land and at sea. The countries, such as Italy, Morocco, have the famous adventures to travel and observe on the ancient routes. In Ming dynasty, Chinese navigator, Zheng He acrossed the western seas for seven times. From ancient China to modern China, Chinese people intended to find a new route to do international trade and exchange culture generation by generation. We believed that peace and cooperation are the essential and vital factors to arrive at an effective and friendly development.

The ancient Silk routes is a successful trade Road, also a knowledge Road. Chinese people lived a bumper harvest life during the Chinese feudal society. They connected with the world by cooperating and combating with the spirit of openness and inclusiveness and mutual learning. Chinese emperors and scholars are more likely to accept newly inventions and academic thoughts in order to spread Chinese traditional culture and explore the unknown world. It is safe to say that we achieved a win-win situation, the countries and cities witnessed and gained the mutual benefit on the ancient Silk routes. The Silk Road brought wealth and development, boosted the potential improvement in the specific regions and the world. Chinese President Xi proposed the Belt and Road initiative in 2013. China and other countries have arrived at the cross road under an era of great transformation and deep changes. The connection among the worldwide countries has been built closely and powerfully. The awareness of pursuing a peaceful development enhances rapidly. To deal with the social issues, including economic recession, terrorism, deficit in peace, development and goverance poses, poverty, China and world ought to call on a new strategy to encounter the challenge and solve the urgent problems.

In the past four years, more than 100 countries and international organization have participated in and supported this initiative. The UN General Assembly and Security Council are willing to take the important resolutions to the agenda of the Silk Road. We have achieved a meaningful consequence. China is the motherland of Confucianism and Chinese civilization. With the development of the Belt and Road, we positively attended the regional agreement and initiative with other countries which launched by ASEAN, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Mongolia, The UK, Poland. We expect to develop with revelant countries by working together and connecting with other countries effectively. During the forum, we have signed a large amount of cooperation agreements and action plans, and cooperate with more than 60 countries to improve the cooperation initiative. During the four years, we enhanced infrastructure connectively, increased trade connectively, expanded financial connectively, strengthened people-to-people connectively. The fruitful achievements proved Silk Road is a successful strategy. It's essential for us to build a sustainable development and peaceful environment.

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