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The invitation of parties

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Ren Hong

Recently, modern people like to join parties in their free time. They play games, give gifts to each other, cut cakes, eat snacks, taste red wine, drink beer, soda and juice, dance and sing with friends and colleagues all night. That’s the young people’s lifestyle. The life is stressful, they want to relax and reduce stress after work.

Actually, I recommend you to invite some friends with you. What are you going to eat dinner or dance? It will be safe and have a lot of fun. You are having people over for a little party at your home. You should make invitation card and tell the theme, place, time and dress code. Invite your friends to come to the party.

On the party, you had better prepare games, food and drinks. Be active to talk with people. Ask the current situation of your friends and their family members. Say hello to them. Do you best make an entertaining and funny party. Don’t make it dull. Don’t stay too late. One or two hours later, you should go. Thanks again for the great party and hope to see your friends soon.

If you and your friends want to go for a movie or an exciting festival, first, book tickets, and search information about the movie or event. Second, how long does the activity last? Third, choose the costume that you are going to wear. In western countries, parade is common. But in China, don’t join in the parade, if you don’t know the background information of this group of people.

The Lantern Festival is an exciting festival in China. People celebrate it with gorgeous lanterns. They walk in colorful parade and guess the riddles. Children go through the crowded fairs with snacks and toys. The festival is a little noisy but not dull. During Chinese Spring Festival, there are a lot of celebrations in different district, people enjoy participating traditional Chinese ceremonies and experiencing fantastic Chinese culture.

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  • Eating dinner with appropriate manners 2017-4-25 22:24

    I don't think the rules you cite in the blog for attending dinners or parties are universally applicable in China. A bottle of wine as a gift sometimes would be welcomed with both arms. And a bouquet of flower, or a box of chocolate in some cases would look pretty weird.
    As for western dinners, there are various types of dining settings where levels of formality vary considerably. What you raise as the appropriate manner for dinner are exclusively for a fine dining occasion, and there are a lot of more casual dining environments, like buffet, barbecue, where foreigners may engage in rowdy, hilarious hi-jinks with abandon. They are not always as gentle and suave as they claim to be, and not every westerner is well-bred and well-educated and knows how to behave himself or herself.

  • The proposals for two sessions in 2017 2017-3-21 14:18

    A pile of problems without resolutions sets a negative tone on your proposal!

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