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Ren Hong 

I have a lot of hobbies. I like taking photographs, doing puzzles, woodworking, drawing, sewing and stamp collecting. Most of people have various interests such as birdwatching, gardening, camping, going to an exhibit, writing diary, reading comic books, going to the theater for a play, fishing, oil painting, playing computer games.

In fact, young people like extreme sports. That's exciting. The elders like traveling, jogging and walking. I am really into art. I like painting in my spare time. I usually visit the national museums on the weekend. I am bad at playing musical instruments. I hope I can learn how to play a musical instrument, like piano, flute, drums, cello, violin, trumpet, saxophone.

I’m good at doing oil painting. It’s the easiest way to express the imagination and creativity with brush and pigment. I prefer abstract art. The artists always use multiple materials to create art works, including paper, thread, plastics, clay, silk, metal, as well as other items. I also love Chinese painting. Chinese ancient scholars are very good at it. They wish to express political wishes by drawing different themes. They prefer to paint animals, flowers, mountains, trees and figures with dots and lines.

Chinese artists are more likely to choose natural sceneries as the themes. They describe different geographies including beach, desert, lake, ocean, hills, mountains, river, valley, forest and coast. They prefer taking plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum as the subjects to show their noble character. Qinse, chess, calligraphy and painting are the four skills for Chinese literati. Through the intensive practical training, Chinese artists grasp the traditional techniques and theories and create an unique painting skill for them to shape artistic style.  

Hobbies and interests are quite important for people to develop their comprehensive ability. In the competitive society, we should learn some skills, it can broaden the views and make life more interesting. 

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    I don't think the rules you cite in the blog for attending dinners or parties are universally applicable in China. A bottle of wine as a gift sometimes would be welcomed with both arms. And a bouquet of flower, or a box of chocolate in some cases would look pretty weird.
    As for western dinners, there are various types of dining settings where levels of formality vary considerably. What you raise as the appropriate manner for dinner are exclusively for a fine dining occasion, and there are a lot of more casual dining environments, like buffet, barbecue, where foreigners may engage in rowdy, hilarious hi-jinks with abandon. They are not always as gentle and suave as they claim to be, and not every westerner is well-bred and well-educated and knows how to behave himself or herself.

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    A pile of problems without resolutions sets a negative tone on your proposal!

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