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Ren Hong

Health is the most important part for our life. But people have some unhealthy habits. They smoke cigarettes, do a little exercises and work load all time. These bad habits could cause many healthy problems. So that, we should keep healthy lifestyle, eat well, take vitamins and sleep well. Some people always look great, because they have good habits. They like doing regular exercise and taste delicious food, never eat food that smells bad.

For women, it’s necessary to stay in shape. It’s no secret. The only way is exercise. I often go to the gym and do exercise four times a month. I paly video games once a month. I go on vacation twice a year. I eat three times a day and walk to work every day. I rarely watch TV. I surf the internet once or twice a day. I visit my family three or four times a year. So I’m in good shape. 

Over 40 years old, people always in bad shape. Because they are lack of exercise, and hard to stay healthy. Actually, staying in shape can be fun. Through doing exercises, you can keep good appetites and positive lifestyle. I don't smoke and eat junk food, like fried chicken, pizza and French fries. I like fresh vegetables and fruit. I rarely eat sweet food, like chocolate cake and ice cream. 

If we can keep healthy life, we will away from the diseases, like stomachache, headache, fever, sore throat, runny nose and cough. If you are so tired. You have one of these symptoms, you should get lots of sleep, drink lots of liquids, take it easy, take medicine for your sick. Don’t worry about it. You will feel better soon.

Supposing you get sick. You can’t come to work. You should make an appointment with doctor. Make a phone call to the doctor’s office. This is A. Can I speak to Doctor B? On the weekend, the hospitals are closed. Please call again. Or leave a message after the tone. 

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  • Eating dinner with appropriate manners 2017-4-25 22:24

    I don't think the rules you cite in the blog for attending dinners or parties are universally applicable in China. A bottle of wine as a gift sometimes would be welcomed with both arms. And a bouquet of flower, or a box of chocolate in some cases would look pretty weird.
    As for western dinners, there are various types of dining settings where levels of formality vary considerably. What you raise as the appropriate manner for dinner are exclusively for a fine dining occasion, and there are a lot of more casual dining environments, like buffet, barbecue, where foreigners may engage in rowdy, hilarious hi-jinks with abandon. They are not always as gentle and suave as they claim to be, and not every westerner is well-bred and well-educated and knows how to behave himself or herself.

  • The proposals for two sessions in 2017 2017-3-21 14:18

    A pile of problems without resolutions sets a negative tone on your proposal!

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