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Cultural differences in Restaurant

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By Ren Hong 

Eating out or cooking by yourself? It’s a problem. We often feel exhausted about this question. Someone said homemade is the most delicious taste in the world. It’s the mother’s taste. But after we became adults, we need to be more independent. For fresh office workers, they have to eat out almost everyday. Where is their favorite restaurant? How to explore your satisfied restaurant? In China, people would like to find the different types of restaurant in the living city. Beijing is an inclusive city, residents come from the different places in the world. Undoubtedly, you could find all kinds of worldwide delicious food.

For foreigners, they prefer tasting the local food, it’s the part of Chinese culture, when you are eating the traditional roasted duck, you will think the food history and culture. Tasting local cuisines is a suitable way to learn local customs. Talking into account that the international cultural communication, the local Chinese culture associations always organize foreigners to learn Chinese cooking and the culture of Chinese cuisines. Teach foreign friends to make dumpling, spring roll, noodles and other Chinese food. During the learning process, they could learn a lot of food knowledge and etiquettes. Except for the important gathering in hotels and formal restaurants, foreigners would like to choose small restaurants and taste the delicious snacks.

For traditional Chinese people, they prefer going to the local well-know restaurants. By contrast, young people prefer going to the western restaurants and fast food restaurants for meals. On the one hand, traditional Chinese people would like to taste the famous Chinese cuisines with chopsticks in comfortable environment. On the other hand, they could not suit the western restaurants and food taste. But, young people would like to know more foreign food culture and lifestyle, they are willing to go to western restaurant and enjoy the fried beef, mushroom soup, salad with fork, knife and spoon.

Considering the fact that the luxurious restaurant will offer more formal meals and services than small restaurants. Nowadays, people more concerned about the fantastic buffet and dinner for formal parties and important celebrities. They just go to small restaurants during their leisure time.

Meals in Star hotels and famous restaurants are different with the small restaurants, depends on your needs, choose the suitable one.

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Reply Report Newtown 2016-1-30 08:18
My God I wish I had one lousy yuan for every time I've read a Chinese person begin an English sentence with "Nowadays", I'd be as rich as Croesus. The conclusion to this article would have to be the most bland and underwhelming one ever composed in the same language. Just imagine the inexorably dull table conversation. Bona petite!
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-1-30 23:11
Just be aware that the food served in 'western restaurants' do not taste as the food does in their (many many) home countries.
And also don't fall into the mistake of putting all non-Chinese food into one category.
There are as many different styles of cuisine as there are countries in the world - French food tastes VERY different from Italian food and so on.
Reply Report TedM 2016-1-31 17:44
Western food in China is altered to suit Chinese tastes and commands extremely high prices. Chinese food in the west is altered to suit western tastes and is often much cheaper to buy than their own culinary delights!  Are Chinese people being ripped off?
Reply Report Newtown 2016-2-1 14:47
TedM: Western food in China is altered to suit Chinese tastes and commands extremely high prices. Chinese food in the west is altered to suit western tastes ...
I went to a western-stye steak restaurant in China once along with a pretty girl who hadn't eaten this before. The waitress served the single piece of steak on a single plate set between us! I recall that they did give us each knives and forks, chopsticks would not have served the same purpose but we could still "share" the food.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-2-2 06:18
TedM: Western food in China is altered to suit Chinese tastes and commands extremely high prices. Chinese food in the west is altered to suit western tastes ...
I had to stop some friends of mine putting salad dressing on a fruit 'salad', but yes, the food in 'western ' restaurants tastes hideous, and the most inappropriate things are served together.

Strangely enough, Chinese food at home is exactly the same as that found in China.
Some Chinese friends were quite surprised and delighted at the discovery, as they were convinced it would be dreadful. So much so they began to eat there regularly - they couldn't cook themselves.

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