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Talking about Idioms (10)

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The living room is the most important place for family life and it is also used to greet family’s guests. They may get their first impression through the layout of the room. One of the decoration objects many Chinese people choose to hang on the front wall is a beautiful Chinese calligraphy banner. It might reveal the hosts’ spiritual pursuit. 
One Chinese idiom often used in such a place is “惠风和畅”, mandarin  pronunciation  “huì fēng hé chàng”. It means mild wind makes one fell warm, relaxed, and comfortable. Besides its  meaning as the whole idiom, each character of it also has positive idea. The word “惠”means kind and good. In Chinese, phrases containing this character generally express good and beautiful things. The word “风” in the idiom, modified by “惠” ,  refers to a fresh and mild breeze . The word “和”, as we all know, means peace, harmony, and easy to get along with. And the last one “畅” means smooth without any barrier, for example in the sentence: “ 心情舒畅” ( meaning one’s mind is full of joy and happy ), and “交通顺畅”( traffics are smooth). Therefore, the idiom, including its every character, is what Chinese people love to see. So when a visitor sits down in the hall, drinking fragrant hot tea and looking at this idiom on the wall, he would feel relaxed and comfortable. 

The origin of the idiom came from the ancient prose《兰亭集序》(Preface to the Poems Collected from the Orchid Pavilion)which has always been well- known in the Chinese calligraphy circle. In the preface, Wang Xizhi (王羲之),the most outstanding calligraphy artists in the East Jin Dynasty of ancient China, wrote: “It is such a wonderful day, with fresh air and mild breeze. Facing upwards to the blue sky, we behold the vast immensity of the universe; when bowing our heads towards the ground, we again satisfy ourselves with the diversity of species.Thereby we can refresh our views and let free our souls, with luxuriant satisfaction done to both ears and eyes. How infinite the cheer is!”(translation from Lin Yutang 林语堂). 

The black words above is the source of the idiom. What a cheerful occasion it is! So choose the idiom and hand it on the wall of the living room to create a pleasant atmosphere! 

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  • Talking about Idioms (19) 2018-1-9 12:55

    I like this idom especially in winter, as there are a lot of wheat planting in my hometown, western Shandong Province. Auspicious snow can bring a good harvest to the farmers. :)

  • Talking about Idioms (17) 2017-12-29 21:34

    Good luck would become after your failure!

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