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slave of the environment is slaving your heart. I am not becoming an emotional person but I seem not a chance to change who I am right now.

Focusing on your part, your path. It is OK to ignore what is around you. I want to be a self-satisfied person, not have to been satisfied by the environment.

But how hard it is. Moody comes and comes and leaves and leaves as the environment changes and changes and changes and changes.

How can I do to make all the change. Not influenced by the environment. Follow my innermost. Ignore what the something else.

Now, get started.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-5 21:39
The slave morality masses do not actually care about something even when it seems that they do - they are just wanting to have the correct reaction to any given thing because what they fear the most is being wrong. If the masses are upset about some tragedy it is only because they have been programmed to have that reaction. None of their thoughts or emotions are genuine - they are just a program. If any of them truly cared about what was good and right then society wouldn't be the way that it is. If any of them loved their neighbour/brother then society wouldn't be the way it is. The western masses could not care less about an innocent child being murdered by their government in Iraq or Libya or Syria. They don't care at all. They are too busy buying iphones or god knows what. A fitbit. $%$% knows. They might care about a drowned kid on a beach for a day or two if the media tells them to - some of them - but not really. They don't care. But are the people of Iraq, Libya or Syria any better? No. They are all scum that only care about themselves so why care about them? Yemen. Does anyone care? No. Nobody cares about Yemen. They don't care. So you shouldn't care about them. Maybe you have a family and they love you - you could care about them. You shouldn't care about anyone else though. They don't care about you. Most peoples families don't even love them you know. Not like they should. Not unconditionally. Not even close. And most families - blood families in this world - give their children the gift of hell not heaven. If you do have to overcome your environment it is most likely because your parents decided in their wisdom to bless you with the gift of hell. A child of a billionaire is born to heaven and does not need to overcome much at all and whatever they do have to overcome they are given the tools to overcome it.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-5 21:41
What community are you a part of? This is important. Look at Jews and their Bible and how they stick together to help each other by not caring about gentiles. Even billionaires understand the strength of community. There is no community with the masses. They cannot be trusted.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-5 21:42
Jews could trust me!
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-5 22:13
The thing is though, that the only good Jew is a Zionist. Zionists know that the Jew masses are no better than the rest of the slaves. The Zionist is the only one that truly cares about healing the world. The Zionist is the only one that truly cares about tikkun olam. And if you want to really understand the lyrics of Israels Son then you must consider who wrote them and it most certainly was not a Jew hating leftist. Oh no. You will be dead when I'm through? Yeah right but you have the audacity to sing that? Yes we know it. So. Put your hands in the air. Zionists do not actually have to be Jewish-born. The AntiChrist is not Jewish-born.The Messiah is Roman Catholic.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-5 22:14
Put your hands in the air!

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