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Movie|2017 Beauty and the Beast

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I have known the story Beauty and the Beast since I was a little boy but I am still being in love with it. I knew that out of it there was one animation edition. But 2017 movie edition of  Beauty and the Beasty is so new to me. Today, I was just searching for a movie to kill my pastime. Coincidently, 2017 Beauty and the Beast popped up in my sight.

Because I knew this story so much, I hesitated before I downloaded it. But I eventually made it no sooner than a name--Emma Watson stuck up in the movie description section. I am so into Emma Watson. I knew she ever starred in Harry Potter movie series. But also, I knew she is working as representative of HeforShe--a United Nations campaign for girls' rights and freedom. Her deep impression on me is cuteness, sweetness and good heart.

No suprise the whole story goes as it is. But I would say this movie is worth seeing. The colors and patterns are so great that this movie deserves winning the Best picture in Oscar ceremony. And the music is so nice to the ear, too.

I've got to say Emma Watson's figure is a small women's but her cuteness and goddesslikeness contribute so much to the movie, which leaves the old story a new impression on me.

Beyond the movie, speaking of me, I would be a beast, too. I am always forgetting love. When I go to school or go to my part-time, I wonder if the society loves me. I don't doubt my family's loves but my heart always turns like a stone, making me unable to feel love. I need to meet my beauty, who will be kind to me, care for me and don't care my defects but love me. I can become a gentle beast, too.

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