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How do you judge beauty?

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How do you judge beauty?

This is a topic I have been thinking before. Two or three days ago, I saw online a photo of a girl. She wears a paire of Jeans and an exposed cowboy shirt undone and she is wearing a pair of sunglasses at the same time. She is leaning on the rail against the river, crossing her ankles a little bit with a seeming smile worn on her face. The first impression of the image for me is lovely and so attracitve. I can't help myself falling in love with her. I've got mesmerized and my hormones rose a bit of higer.

So as to me, I admit I probably would judge a person by her appearance, especially when it is a girl. My affection occurs when I see girls with long, slim legs and slender waist. It could be better if she wears long hair loosely on her shoulders and at her back. Probably, I would try to find a girl who meet some of these requirements. Life is not perfect; reality does not always come the way you've thought though.

You may rebut me with answers like beauty consists of two elements - appearance and inner beauty. I do agree on this in some sense. Actually, I've ever fallen in love with a girl who has wonderful inner beauty. She has scars, one on the back of her hand, the other on the side right under her ear. She must have undergone an accident, though, she was optimistic. Every time I meet with her, she always greets with me with sunshine-like smile. I love her smile even until now, so soft so warm.

No body can be perfect, so neither I. But I think it is alright to accept my defect of judging people by appearance. Yet, when we get familar with people, we will appeciate their inner beauty rather than their appearance. And furthermore, inner beauty is what we evaluate others afterwards, ignoring their appearance eventually.

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  • Bye, my girl 2017-5-25 01:39

    shehemego: You must be making a joke. But actually, we've never begun yet. I've always felt her love for me. And I've always shown my closeness and kindness to h ...
    No I was totally serious. You used the word perfect. If you think she is then I don't think you should give up hope. Her bf may be killed by a bus tomorrow. Today even.

  • Bye, my girl 2017-5-24 23:28

    HailChina!: Maybe your girls boyfriend will be hit by a bus and die. I don't think you should give up hope just yet.
    You must be making a joke. But actually, we've never begun yet. I've always felt her love for me. And I've always shown my closeness and kindness to her. No matter what, she's started a relationship with the other boy. I don't hate her. And I don't wanna chase after her any more - cuz I've found out that I' gonna strive for a better place in the world where I am sure I will meet the girl who's better and who's excellent and who's gonna fit in well with me. Anyway, thanks for your consolation.

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