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A tiger

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In a cage, at first, the tiger said to himself that one day I would break the cage and walked back to the real world. The other day, still living in the cage in a carriage of a train, the tiger was moved to another place where he had never ever put his footprints on. Yet, he was forced to be there.

Arriviing there, he came a performing tiger of a circus. He was fed with fabulous food. He came to be milder and milder. He was trained by a beast trainer who was skillful in training a wild tiger into a performable tiger.

He said to himself that I have to make changes; now that I was the captive and there was no way to run away so I had better adapt to my new life; why not?

So he became a kitty-like tiger, tandalizing people with extraodinary talents in playing with rings with fire and the other without fire. He was a adaptable tiger.

For half a year, for one year, for two years and for three years, he lived with the clowns, lived with the circus boss, lived with other workers and other performing animals.

He said to himself that it's enough. So he was trying to be as lazy as he could. In the trainings, he was reluctant to move, lying on the floor no matter he gots beatings or kickings from the trainers. Yet, in the meal time, he ate as much as he could to the point where his whole stomach was full and could not fill anying in at all. For around a week, he became an incompetent tiger, which could not help the circus earn even a penny. He was kicked out of thet circus at last.

While walking in the sideless grassland, he finally felt the excitement with freedom. He ran back to the forest in aim to look for his homogeneous species.

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