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Today I got up at 6:00 am, after a simply washing and helped my daughter taken her medicine, then my mother and I went to hospital to continue intravenous infusion. The traffic is very jam from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock in the morning, so I spend 80 minutes to get the hospital. Before arrive, I had registered my daughter in the hospital Weichat. On my arrival, I went to the self-service machine to pay that registration fee,14 yuan. Then I waiting for the doctor because we are no.208. 10 minutes later, it’s our turn. The doctor checked my daughter’s chest and listen to her breath noise. Finally she said it’s better now, there is no need to come again after today’s intravenous fluids, and she also give us a prescription and told us to take the medicine. Till now, my daughter had experienced 6 kind of medicines. Then I wait for get intravenous infusion about 40 minutes, then when my daughter getting intravenous infusion, I asked the doctor to give my nephew a prescription based on my nephew’s laboratory test report. She did this after I registered my nephew again.

My daughter cried much in the late state of intravenous infusion, she refuse to drink milk or water, I guess she must miss her mother and blamed her mother’s missing present.

Then we got back at about 11:40pm,and arrived home at 12:30, after lunch, I arrived at company at 13:40. Then I attended our team meeting and felt a little sleepy. Then I released a new version of TS calibration.

My young sister will go to Wuhan tomorrow, I will buy some food and fruit for her trip.

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  • 170608 GaoKao memory 2017-6-9 12:38

    liu5222512: Amazing, both your Chinese and English are so great!
    Thank you very much for appreciate my writting.

  • 170608 GaoKao memory 2017-6-9 11:12

    Amazing, both your Chinese and English are so great!

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