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How Smartphone Ruined Your Life

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The other day, a friend of mine had a talk with me. She talked to me with an air of seriousness and anxiety.


“I doubt that I’m ill. What shall I do? “She whispered.


According to her statement, she found that she had a morbid fascination with smartphone. She couldn’t live without it even for just five minutes.


“I’ll get crossed if I can’t receive messages because of the poor signal.” She continued, “I even couldn’t fall asleep with my phone power off.”


Terrible, isn’t it? I was shocked, not at the symptoms she described, but because all these symptoms can be found on me as well. Yet I was relieved soon for I wasn’t the only person who showed these strange symptoms. Survey after survey has revealed the overwhelming majority in modern society share the same problems with us. But most people often neglect them or take them for granted. So it didn’t be given much attention.


Much as we ignore it, it is, actually, an pervasive phenomenon. Along with the development of the society, these symptoms are increasingly conspicuous. Many electronic products seem to come into our view overnight: PC, tablet, smartphone and so on. The more we possess, the more possessed we become (we seem to enjoy it). When we immersed ourselves in them, our mind, to some extent, are controlled by them. This once unidentified disease now can be defined as “smartphone syndrome” by scientists.


So what did the smartphones, or to be exact, the Internet bring us? There are, of course, many effects. But I’m sorry to tell you that the most withering one is that it took our ability of thinking away. The old saying “There are a thousand Hamlet in a thousand people’s eyes” looks wrong at present. Once when we were asked a question, say the theme of Hamlet, a famous tragedy written by Shakespeare, we could come up with a great deal of answers when seeing by different people from diverse angles. But let’s see what will happen now. The students are all smart enough to think out almost the same so called perfect answers. Does the saying: Great minds think alike work here? I’m afraid not. Smartphones are so smart that they saved us many trouble. We can easily reach to the hyperlinks of the well-round, established answers we need in Wikipedia through Google by the mere touch of a button. In addition, what the Net seem to be doing is chipping away our capacity for concentration and contemplation. Our mind now expects to take in information the way the Net distribute it: in a swiftly moving stream of particles. Nicholas Carr said in his passage: “once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski.”


These electronic products deprived us of our creativity and capability of thinking independently. In other words, most of us are at a loss. We are just drifting following the surge of ocean-mass information. In this everyone-is-parroting world, what if the man, who stands at the original link of the whole information chain, made a mistake. That would be a disaster.


In this information-explosion Age, everyone plays thirsty sponges, absorbing information which is renewing every two minutes. If I am not mistaken, there is no doubt that it will inevitably lead to a result---the isolation among human being. Have you ever notice that you are talkative online but fear or even hate to greet people in reality? The relationships maintained by the invisible air-waves are actually very fragile, so the truth is we human being is isolated from each by this flat, brick-like product. Dare I say, maybe two hundred years later or so, we will degrade into the creature that cannot speak their mind fluently but can only communicate online with their keyboard clicking.


Some of the people are now being the slave of houses, cars or other matter they care much about. Now the number of “smartphones slaves” may well prevail on the number of other kinds of “slaves”. But don’t take my word for it. The Lancet recently looked into how smartphones affect teenagers and concluded: smartphone is the main inducement of the diseases like glaucoma, cervical spondylopathy and short sight that are not commonly found on teenagers.


Maybe I’m a worrywart, but the message here is clear: smartphones and other electronic products have ruined your life. If we don’t rein in our addition to them at this very moment, I can tell it would be a disaster to our mind and interpersonal relationship as a whole. We’ll see.


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