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A Sino-French Town in Chengdu

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I've been to Bailu Town, a Sino-French town twice in different seasons and appreciated its charm of various kinds. Bailu Town is located in Pengzhou, a county of Chengdu. It's characterized by the distinctive buildings of both Chinese and French features. And also there is a memorial park built on the ruins of the deadly Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. This place is famous for its teaching building of Bailu Primary School, the only building which was found safe and sound after the earthquake, saving the lives of thousands of students.
Since more than one friend has asked me why there are so many French structures, I'd better add a brief history here. The ancient streets in Bailu Town date back to Qing Dynasty. In 1860, a French missionary came to Bailu Town together with Bible and built many monasteries there, establishing close relationship with China since then. Unfortunately, the horrible Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 has ruined most of the old buildings. After the post-quake reconstruction, many new buildings spring up with the French style preserved and a grand Catholic church was also built there. Thus a unique Sino-French town see the world.
These are the photos of this attractive town:
A Catholic church in Bailu Town.
The teaching building of Bailu Primary School, the only building that survived in the earthquake. 
The ginkgo trees standing in the memorial park.
The bridge that was damaged in the earthquake.
Thanks for your reading, dear friend~

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Reply Report Hannah.E 2014-8-7 19:51
French style~cool, why are there so many French style bulidings? Is there some history reason?
Reply Report tedbrent 2014-9-2 14:59
The pics kick butt.

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