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A Father and His Little Lover

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Legend has it that every daughter was the lover of her father in her previous life and in order to continue this love they turned into baby girls to show gratitude afterlife. It is such a romantic legend that demonstrates the subtle relationship between a father and his daughter.
On September 30, 1992, standing outside the delivery room was a man who smoked cigarettes one after another with uncontrollable agitation. Then when a baby girl was passed from a nurse to him, he held this baby in his arm gingerly. Here she was, a little lover entered his life, which transformed this man into a father.
Once he was a master welder, when all his co-workers went off duty in the evening, he would stay in his workshop alone, making a wheeled bed and a rocker for his little daughter secretly. The happiest moment for him after a whole day of exhausting work was when he saw his wife holding his baby girl standing outside the door. At that moment all his weariness of work was gone.
As this girl grew older, his concerns for her grew bigger. Every single day he would pick his daughter up from kindergarten in the afternoon when his wife was still at work. After they went home, the little girl moaned and groaned with hunger. The only dish he could make for her was cookie soup. Actually, it even couldn't be called a dish. It was quite simple, a bowl of crackers in which hot water was poured, and then stir them up until fluffy, and done! But to this naive little girl, it was the most delicious food in the world.
This father never stopped working to create better life for his family. Later he ran a company with his friends, he had done a great job, making his family live an affluent life. His daughter was not so cute as before any more. She sometimes teased him about his out-of-date taste for his clothes, shoes, but later she felt ashamed for doing this because her father would rather spend more money on his daughter to make her look more graceful and cultivated. When his daughter entered into her adolescent years, quarrels between them were inevitable. Every time she would win in a quarrel, because her dad couldn't bear to see her tears. One day she realized that every sigh of her father for her disobedience would add more white hair on his head...
Finally, this girl wanted to scream "I will always love you, Daddy", which she felt a little embarrassed to say on the phone or in person.
(My daddy and I, and the rocker self-made by him)
(daddy, mommy and I)
(This is a photo of my dad last year, isn't he handsome? *^-^*)


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