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10 Ways to reduce impact of SMOG on your body

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China is among the most polluted countries on the globe, and SMOG is becoming part of landscapes of country. Almost all major cities are chocking on smog including Beijing the capital, causing serious health issues for residents and spoiling the landscape for tourists. Couple of days ago, SMOG raised to alarming situation and more toxic in cities including Beijing, Shanxi, Heibei, Shandong Liaoning and Henan. PM2.5 level rose to a seriously alarming level for human health in these cities.

“If you have any good reason, suggestion, or tip to follow please mention in the comments section and it will be helpful for readers”

If you are planning to visit China or living in China you need to take high care in SMOG. Usually people get allergies and other health problems due to swear effects of SMOG on human body. In order to stay safe there are some tips to follow.

Let’s have a look at 10 ways to reduce impact of SMOG on human body:

  1.          If the SMOG level is too high, try to stay indoors and experience less fresh air.
  2.          Mask is the most essential in SMOG as it protect somehow more against dust.
  3.          During PM2.5 high level you should eat light meal instead of making your stomach full.
  4.          Drink as much water as you can and suggested is 2 liters of water a day.
  5.          Keep your body clean, specially wash your hands after reaching room.
  6.          Keep your room or apartment clean and use air fresheners or cleaners.
  7.          Use of nasal spray to clean nose will be helpful after outdoors.
  8.          If you are patient of Asthma or any other respiratory disease, take medicine regularly and do not forget to keep              your medicine with you while leaving house.
  9.          Immediately visit doctor if you feel your condition is becoming bad or worse. Carelessness may harm you more.
  10.          Last but not least, always be careful on road while SMOG, move across the road carefully. And being driver reduce            your car speed to avoid any unpleasant incident. 
it would be helpful to people in china and people planning to visit china. If you have any more suggestions feel free to share below in comments section.

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Reply Report austinong 2014-4-18 14:26
thanks for putting these together!  you are first one i hear say drink more water.

i actually realized this as i noticed i have phlegm in the mornings after a day out in the smog.  so i've drank more water, and would gurgle salt water the night before i sleep. it seems to help get rid of the accumulation inside.
Reply Report nosherwanabbasi 2014-4-26 12:24
austinong: thanks for putting these together!  you are first one i hear say drink more water.

i actually realized this as i noticed i have phlegm in the morning ...
Thank you for your response, i also drink more and more water to resist this problem and using mask as well.

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