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Lazy English Teachers in China

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To grab a handsome salary with less hard work is being mostly prioritized job in this congested and stressful competitive market. We all are looking for a cozy job that could make money easily.

The result was surveyed in, a website of question & answer founded in 2009. The latest survey topic was about effortless job for smart career! BBC media had delivered the question which could be the best job for the smart and lazy job hunters?

The four top answers were:

i)            An Expert

ii)           Microsoft job

iii)          English teacher in China

iv)         Computer programmer

Concern and blemishes to English teacher in China:

According to the online survey the smart and sluggish man can hunt a job in China as an English teacher. There is only one diligent English teacher out of three in Beijing.  

It is true that now, English language and English Teachers are highly demanded/appreciated in China. There aren’t any strict measurements and criteria to qualify the English teacher. Sometimes English speaking citizenship is enough for English teacher. The time schedule isn’t much tight for them and many are applying as a part-time job too.

A common English speaking foreigner can earn money equal to medium class Chinese. Thus, for the lazy but smart people English in China is the best optional job. What’s your comment on the result? The blemishes are accepted or not? 

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  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-3-27 13:53

    Before a few days, I hearded a story that said there be a parents who wanted to promote her  son's english level, so taken part in a english course which costed her much money. Finaly, her son can speak english very well, but his english score was not be promoted  after his english exam be delivered.

  • Criteria to be an English teacher in China 2018-2-13 15:59

    I have met many blacks teaching English and everyone told me they have no idea how to teach period.I have observed a few and I agree they should not be English teachers.Thier grammer is very poor.

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