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China’s determination to protect environment

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Recently, Chinese government has disseminated one of the crucial plans to strictly preserve huge land of jungle as a mission. The 3 years long plan will be implemented till 2017 as a resolution and the main objectives of the plan is to save greenery and throughout the environment. China is highly criticized because of air pollution in past. Gradually it has determined to resume the best air quality in this nation.


China has been pursuing some experiences and experiments to preserve air quality. Constantly, China has been investing a huge amount with various projects since 2013 too. The long term plan aimed is to establish environment friendly China. Till 2022 China’s sky will be blue, water will be neat and clean, environment will be more comfortable, this one is a long term dream.


China will definitely avoid deforestation. According to the official, China will import timber production from outer lands but will cherish more than two hundred million hectors land for 3 years. To address the upcoming timber problem, it has managed some reservation and if the demand will go high, definitely import from the neighboring nations. It’s an experiment and a determination towards the environment protection from the Chinese government. Let us check, china’s environment will become more and more beings-friendly in future. 

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