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Simple way to reduce smartphone addiction

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Very hardly I can live without smartphone in these days. There are so many users who are addicted to smartphone as me. Not only walking on the way, but congested places, office working hours, in toilet, eating, dating, even a short break in the midnight sleeping too we are being crazy for smartphone.


Scientists say minimum 2 hours hanging on smartphone is a symptom of addiction. Researchers say smartphone addiction has broken empathy, humanity and family relation. it is destroying our happiness, intellectual manner and social status, so how can we reduce such close attachment with such electronic devices?


Many major addictions had been eliminated in our society then why not cell phone addiction? I found some option and regulations to conduct the smartphone.


1-    Switch off your notification: Notification is the key point to impose your mind to hang on it. that prompts your mind to click like, comment, reply, SMS and many more on social networks. That means you will waste your minimum half an hour once a time.


2-    Calculation of time:  better to calculate how many hours you have spent with it. There are some apps to alert your time too.


3-    Phone restricted zone and time: normally there is no use of phone while eating, bathing, watching TV and reading but without phone we feel as unbearable as breathing less moment. If you able to keep your mobile away you will get time to think about family and relatives and mental relaxation too.


4-    Don’t make phone as alarm clock: don’t make it as an alarm. And don’t keep it side by your pillow.


5-    Take a leave from technology: set a time table to play mobile and keep it switched off rest of the time. Check all missed calls, sms, social notifications once and response if necessary then again keep it switched off as soon as possible so that your phone friends will know about this too.  

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Excellent solution!

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