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China's economic influence

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Along with annual convention of Boao forum for Asia (BAFA) in Hainan, China has strongly convinced the international community about the massive operation of ‘one belt one road’ mission. Before this project China has tabled some impressive economical agendas towards international forums as an economic powerhouse of the world. During the first visit of Kazakhstan and Indonesia premier xi jinping has revealed the silk-road and the 21st century maritime silk-road literally the one belt one road concept.


To resurrect the 2 thousand years old silk-road version which was the primitive trade network between china and the rest of the world, China has been striving for it in this 21st century. 


Amid the deafening criticism about political systems China is showing it’s eager to spread the economic thread around the world. At first the USA and the Russian-lead polarization has created more than 7 decade long politics impressed cold war era. The best idea of China’s leadership performing is that not to care about others political system. There might be some internal political affairs inside the nations but China just catching the economic mottos.


Some critics have been pointing out that China’s globalizing economic impressions might be the root of cold war which china deniably shows with pragmatic way that’s the economic globalization is just for inter cooperation and common win-win status. China has shown keen interest to productive participation rather than geo-politics during the latest international forum in Boao. There are more than hundreds of frameworks for the fundamental projects like railway, highway, energy, technology and economic park development for upcoming years. One belt one road is the mega project to link Asia, Europe and Africa directly.


China’s influential economic actions are showing its’ reaction as well as unification of economically diversified nation such as geographical economy corridor and maritime cooperation extension. In 2014 China had maintained partnership and cooperation with more than 70 nations, regions and organizations. Moreover it has organized international big forums that year. And this year 2015 is the time to pave the way with building Asian infrastructure investment bank (AIIB) and so so. Undoubtedly, china’s economic growth and strong trade magic has created vibration to the entire world but the major concern is that should international communities need to suspect of the stainless goal? 

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