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Is Western Education Better Than Eastern Education? Yes, because it has a bette

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Had to laugh reading MichaelM’s article, “Is Western Educaiton Better Than Eastern Education?”, given the rather bemoaning tone it had about how much more Chinese are doing in time and effort, with little to now results locally.  As for the last line of the article, “I’m seeking reasonable and intelligent objective answers,” my answer is simple, value:

1)    Rote Education Methods, which I have witnessed for myself in Chinese schools, will only teach a person only so much.  The ability to apply and adapt, which is taught in various degrees in American Public and Private Schools, is essential the ever changing workforce landscape

2)    Seems that too many school systems in China still embrace the old adage from Joseph Stalin about “Quantity having a Quality of Its Own.”  That was fine for producing cannon fodder in the past, but it has become obsolete in today’s workplace.  Having everyone wearing Red Bandanas and enduring marathon class sessions does not guarantee quality, only numbers and statistics of no real value.

3)    Accreditation, last time I checked – there were few, if any, degrees recognized by American or European companies that did not have some sort of validation from a standards group or organization that verified that the classes that were taught, the credits that were earned, met some sort of universally recognized minimum criteria.  If not, the fancy piece of paper that is presented at the job interview is merely that.

Until the school systems in China, at least at the university level, can achieve at least the third point – there is always going to be a steady stream of students that are going to coming to America, and will to pay 125% to 200% more than American students.  As for other countries that have succeeded in that quest, I am uncertain.  For the last 20 years, I have seen a steady flow of students from all over the world – because why attempt to fix something at home when a ‘simple solution’ is already available abroad?  As stated in various articles on the Internet about this topic (like this one,, there is simply no comparsion.

2006 U.S. Labor Board Numbers of Degrees, Average Wage, and Average Unemployment

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Reply Report DSseeing 2013-3-12 11:05
Value is a precise word for the essense of education
Reply Report DSseeing 2013-3-12 11:06
Steve Jobs quit colleage, as he couldn't see the value of it
Reply Report tradervic 2013-3-12 21:12
DSseeing: Steve Jobs quit colleage, as he couldn't see the value of it
While there will always be outliers to the bell shape curve, there is more of a chance that folks are going to be riding the wave.  As for Steve... people tend to forget Steve Wozniak in that equation as well.

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