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The Long Distances of a Small World

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It has been a hard couple of months trying to just sit down in front of my computer and attempt to string a series of sentences together that which will sound semi-coherent to anyone.  More than a few things in my personal life have been happening all at once, with work and family issues vying for most, if not all of my attention.  Worse when the family issues are occurring better part of 400 miles away in another time zone.  Ability to plan, or even interact face to face with love ones come in scant hours on a holiday weekend or when school and work schedules do not interfere.  But such is life when you make the conscious decision to move beyond the historical borders of the family to seek a better life for yourself and your immediate love ones.


Hell, I look at my wife, and the vast distance of the Pacific Ocean she has put between herself and her family, much like the various generations of immigrants have done over the last couple of centuries in the United States and elsewhere. While technology has made the world smaller, in terms of phone calls and webcasts in real-time versus written messages that would take weeks or months to mail, it still does not replace the simple pleasure of face-to-face communication.  Do not see the ability for people to touch each others hands emulated by technology anymore than I see it replacing the ability to give a warm hug to someone that needs one.  Moreover, I pray that the human race never does see that day – for while life is messy and hard, it is meant to be lived.


No person is an island onto themselves, no matter how much distance they attempt to put from others.  Nothing is more pitiful that dying alone, regardless of how many people are a ‘phone call away’.  I know there will come a day when my wife is going to get a terrible phone call, to which she will need to jump through some legal and monetary hoops to make sure she is with the people she loves.  It is too be expected as much as she has witnessed with what I have been going through, yet with a smaller distance within the same country’s borders.  Moreover, that is the same for the countless number of migrants within the borders of P.R. China and abroad.  For it is in times like this that the long distances of a small world are truly laid bare – to which hard decisions are made.


The long distances that are made smaller by telecommunications of the 20th and 21st Century.

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Reply Report samlam 2016-1-4 09:41
When you keep your love to your family in heart, the distance is nothing.

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