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Government as a Reflection of a People

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Over the last few months I have had a ‘ringside seat’ to the slew of stories coming out of Washington and elsewhere about the revelations of the ‘Snowden Affair’.  It has been interesting to watch as the ‘great secret’ that the United States Government has been operating a monitoring network that equals, if not surpasses, the dreaded ‘Great Firewall of China’, seeing the reactions and counter-reactions of different groups across the entire political spectrum ‘make sense’ of what is occurring.  The communication devices and systems that most people in the ‘Free World’ have taken for granted for decades are now as questionable as anything produced in China?  All the actions that are done in a day tracked and catalogued to minute detail?  Who would have thought?


For those with a calloused eye towards history, it has been staple for any group of people that have been living with a sustained sense of fear, whether it be of fellow neighbors, nature, or simply manifestations of an over-active collective mind.  I have had the belief for years now that governments (whether they are democratic, republican, people’s republican, religious, military, dictatorship, etc.) are a reflection of the people it is suppose to ‘protect and serve’.  Depending on the amount of fear in a people, the form and flavor of its government will reflect back level of ‘security and protection’.  Whether that ‘security and protection’ actually works and is really in the best interest of the people will be a matter of some intense debate, but it can be the source of additional fear for the people.


But how does one live within such ‘security and protection’ without living with fear of said security?  I would be foolish to suggest that what holds true in one country can easily apply to another, given that we humans are a very diverse and splendid entity on whole.  What I can say is this, ‘total security’ is a utopian ideal that has not been achieved in the length and breadth of human history.  Every day that we wake up and go about our business, there are degrees of risk involved – whether they are natural or human based.  While we can reduce the risks, we cannot make them ‘totally go away’.  It makes up part of the mantles of responsibility we carry each day. 


So when I see the various government leaders around the world (Presidents, Prime Ministers, Party Chairmen/women, Dictators, and the like) promise that any and all actions that are considered taboo to the individual, but vital to the government for ‘total security’, I think to myself, “Who are you really trying fool?  The people that you ‘serve’, or yourself?”  Fear lasts only for so long and it can only ‘influence’ for so much.  Once it is gone, it is replaced by torrential wellsprings of rage, hate, and/or indifference that cannot be held ‘in-check’ even by the most Herculean of efforts.  Many a politician has learned this the hard way, much like what Shamans, Priests, Rabbis, Imams, Reverends, Commissars and the like have come to witness over the centuries:  Once a faith is broken, it cannot be ‘fully restored to its past glories’. 


For myself on a personal level, I have never harbored any illusions since I started making my voice known – there is most likely a dossier of some sort kept by more than a few government entities around the world.  Yet I realize that the same holds true the various other entities I have interacted with over the decades, whether it be the news outlets I have written to or for around the world, the local grocery store I have a membership with, or the various other businesses that have ‘data mined’ my every habit to attempt to sell me a good or a service.  To that end, I have accepted the level of risk, picked up my mantle of responsibility, and continued on in my daily life, speaking plainly and raising an arched eyebrow to those that say, “Shouldn’t you be afraid?”  Maybe, maybe not, but I will continue to live my life, regardless of what the reflections in Washington, Beijing, and around the world are showing.

Dossier on either side, no doubt about it.

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Reply Report KIyer 2013-8-29 14:04
Interesting. You suggest that that no matter what the form of the government/leaders, they do really represent a sum-total or an average of the fear and insecurity of the people that they govern. Also by reflecting this back to the people, do you mean the policies that the leaders/governments put out? Would it imply that on the average the American people are as paranoid and afraid of the rest of the world and as arrogant, selfish, hypocritical and war-mongering as their leaders are perceived to be? Would it imply that if the people were on the average happy in a country and prospering, then their leaders are actually representing their collective will, no matter what the system? I agree that all governments since times immemorial spied on their own people and others, such are the ways of power. So is the issue only one of hypocrisy, when one leader loudly and indignantly blames another? And is it that in this matter of spying on ones own people the average opinion of the people in a country is that, they really dont mind being spied on by their own government, never mind what the laws of the country are?
Reply Report tradervic 2013-9-3 09:46
KIyer: Interesting. You suggest that that no matter what the form of the government/leaders, they do really represent a sum-total or an average of the fear a ...
What is found in the reflection with America, along with other countries, is a wide collection of thoughts and ideals that are in a constant state of flux.  As for the actions...  that too is a reflection of a population that has really shirked its responsibilities as citizens participating their civic duties - whether it be voting or jury duty.  Given what has been paid to insure those responsibilities are there to begin with, versus other forms of government, it is galling on many, many levels.
Reply Report KIyer 2013-9-3 11:07 (Pending for approval)
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Reply Report Ted180 2013-10-11 21:54
The Americans were shocked by the 911 attack. Being separated from the world by oceans they had tended to assume they ere relatively safe. This has caused what may be an excessive fear of terrorism.
Reply Report tradervic 2013-10-12 12:10
Ted180: The Americans were shocked by the 911 attack. Being separated from the world by oceans they had tended to assume they ere relatively safe. This has ca ...
Actually that would have been 1993 at the World Trade Center - but that incident, along with others faded from the collective mind rather quickly.
Reply Report tradervic 2013-10-12 12:11
KIyer: Yes, it is galling on many levels and to see the freedoms go to waste because enough people have not taken on the responsibility that come with them.  ...
What did you say that failed validation?  Can you sent it to me as a private message?
Reply Report tradervic 2013-10-13 10:07
Okay... to make a public answer to a private question, when it comes to the question of voter turnout, I look towards the policy of mandatory voting in Brazil, and the results that have come from it.  Because of that, I do believe that regardless of the country (China, Brazil, the U.S., and elsewhere), there is going to be a certain percentage of the population that will drive the remaining percentage crazy, regardless of the options made available.

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