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Beijing CD group met up

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On Sunday June 7, a total of 18 CD Community members met up in Beijing to enjoy two hours face-to-face chat. Thanks to Hans (Wang Uxan) of the online Mandarin learning solutions group (OCLT) for providing the venue and contributing to the discussions on foreign language learning

15 of our group with 3 more behind cameras

There was a threat of rain and a journey to East of Beijing on the Batong line, so it was a great turn out. A couple of us, including me, came by pedicabs from Gaobiedan Station - a lifeline for foreigners - and local Chinese asked good directions. 

Our group were treated to discussions about the challenges of learning a foreign language .. First one led by Hans below left, with Cai Shen next to him, then Echo and Lisa.

Then Jennifer, also below left, with helpful supporting handouts

Then Anastasia contributed as a Russian lady learning Mandarin. Yes, you guessed it, below 2nd left.

I chipped in with the decision on whether to learn British English or American English. Is it basically the same?  I mentioned that, in London, a few American uni students had trouble with this welcome from me..

"I say, it is absolutely spiffing to welcome you to Old Blighty. Soon I'll need you to queue up by the lift near the way out." Feel free to offer American translation in comments!  We even got into London's Cockney rhyming slang. If you look back, Hans is on the Apples and Pears.

An attentive audience and good discussion . Lisa, Megan, April from left to right.

Yosra from Egypt talked about her experiences in studying Mandarin, including the challenges when native language is Arabic (Yosra is first front left in main group photo).  We had professional photography from Helena (on the right below), interning at China Daily and studying at UIBE opposite.

Some joined a little later. Welcome Sunshine in middle who brought a friend along. 

Sunshine will study post-grad finance in USA at the famous John Hopkins University, while her friend is going to do Masters in finance at BeiDa. We had a high powered group! We broke up into free to move around small group chats to end with. Victor our CD leader was delighted, even emotional afterwards. It felt like a family coming together

So we eagerly await the next meet up. We hope others in Beijing can join in too!

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