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Don't preserve a loveless marriage

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I am motivated to write this by Women of China's informative post on a proposed new marriage law. The statistics show that, over a bit more than 10 years, marriage registrations grew around 71 % and divorces granted by around 194%. That excludes dead marriages with couples separated or still under one roof but in loveless situation, with mistresses or boyfriends, etc. The solution is not to make it harder to divorce, but to make it harder to get married. Thus to remove from cultural traditions the arranged marriages by parents, the pressure to marry by a certain age and the silly concept of leftover women. This contributes to the rising divorce rate. Yes children need protection and divorce laws must do that - financial support, visitation rights with fair access to children. All for that. Yet to force a loveless marriage to endure with both parents living under the same roof is not good for the children if there are rows and lack of affection shown by each parent. Children enjoy being with their father or mother more when that parent is happy. Loveless marriages should not be preserved and folks should legally be able to be with their true love without deception or stigma. Otherwise one party to the marriage could well up and run and never see the kids anyway. Even a prince in UK divorced his beautiful princess to be with his true love. When love has died, it has died. The law cannot change that and should not try to. R.I.P.

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