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Is Using ‘People Nearby’ cheating?

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Haha, come on, man, you really thought I would say it is not cheating? You are too optimistic.


As my ex used to say, every person using the people nearby feature has some problem.


For the benefit of slow learners, the so-called ‘People Nearby’ here would be any GPS based application that lets you view people also logged into a similar application but within your vicinity.


WeChat, Momo and QQ are the quick culprits I can fish off the top of my head. But I think applications like Tagged, Craigslist which narrow the number of user you can see to about a few meters, are also in this group.


If you have a lover and you go on people nearby, you are cheating. Honestly.


Why would you want to talk to pretty/ handsome strangers when you have your babe? What if they seduce you?


Yes, I said seduce - most of the people I have met on people nearby are horny ladies, bored teens or homosexual males plying the net and pretending to be girls. (Disclaimer: I used People Nearby to research for this blog…)


What can you possibly talk about with a stranger? And most men program their apps so that they can only see girls and women prefer to see only men…already we are dealing with bait here.


If your girl goes on People Nearby, be afraid, she might meet a cooler guy. And for ladies, if your guy is seen on People Nearby, he is bored with you and looking for something exciting.


People Nearby is ideal for single people, especially those who are single and yet busy to meet their lovers in the normal places…

Think about it for a minute, you are away from your girl, now think of her talking to some guy, yes, that is exactly how you will make her feel if you try to chat up some pretty ones online.


There are however people who honestly go on People Nearby just to kill time, sell shoes, and soften their moods. There are always good guys, this piece as for you, the average guilty guy.



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