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Get the window and door ready before the upcoming wind and raining

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As an ordinary citizen in China, I think we should do all means to strengthen our defence ability against the new coronavirus through easy physical training. Specially focus more energy on the breathing system which maybe the weakest part of the body to the germs. Make sure we are healthy enough for the special battle. This is the best answer to protect our economy.

(Almost all of my recent writings have something to do with the epidemic. Welcome have a look at them.  The title of the blog comes from a Chinese idiom:未雨绸缪 Before raining you should check and repair the windows. )

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Reply Report SEARU 2020-3-20 20:52
The role of window for the house is similar to that of the lungs for your body.

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  • Breath-controling means a lot to martial arts 2020-3-22 11:10

    The benifit from the breath-controling program
    Just minutes ago I had isolated myself from the outside without any exchanging on gas that process had lasted as long as 100 seconds!  It is hard to believe!
    According to the biological theory,  creatures can do all efforts to adapt the changing of the living environment. The frequent oxygen-supply problems will force the body to product more powerful red blood cells for the transportation of the nutritious gas.
    The skin will become more shining as more blood flowing inside that means more beautiful face for gentlemen and ladies. Furthermore that colleague told me part of my white hair had turned into black due to the martial practice. You can imagine how I feel when hearing such a 'flattery' remark!  (Of course it is a fact since I could see the truth in the mirror when driving. )

  • Flower-bird paintings are so touching to me 2020-3-20 21:15

    This blog comes from my comment to other‘s post. ’

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