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Real Chinese should drive education forward without any delay!

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"Some of our Chinese teachers "???
Are you real native chinese?  Beyong my thought since I took you as an ‘evil’ foreigner who intends to resist the development of our education!

Decades of teaching career has taught me a lot about the real problems those exist in the schoolyard! I have written many articles on textbooks, teaching organization and experiments,  etc. .........

I have special feelings about the current book theories and understand how those factory technicians deal with practical problems with their ‘oral’ knowledge! I can explain deep theory in plain words that kind of teaching method is welcomed by all students!

I had spent eight years on technique-skill study, such as how to repair TV sets, electric motors  and other machines. The colorful experiments let me feel proud of that I am a qualified vocational teacher!

If condition permits, I would like write a long novel to reader friends!

(Errors are permitted!)

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Shake hands

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Reply Report Swifty55 2018-7-10 19:01
I agree well done
Reply Report SEARU 2018-7-10 20:27
Swifty55: I agree well done
Thanks for your appreciation!
Just now I have checked your profile through which I know that you are retired professor on language, nice to meet you!
Reply Report Swifty55 2018-7-10 20:53
Thanks nice to meet you also.

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  • Good child can go anywhere 2019-4-20 09:13

    Feeling so shameful for the fact that my this post was labeled as ‘passing’ , it was hard for me to get into sleep last night! When I woke up this morning, I thought the best title for the blog should have been “Where is your potential energy?” (Of course there is no ‘question-mark’ in headline.)
    Special note: You may think that the character 力 can be understood as 'A man with strong legs and arms"! And 穷 shapes like ‘A man in cave-prison who can not fully make use of labor ability for living!
    In China we often say: "好男儿志在四方!" ---------A good boy is so ambitious that he takes the whole world as the stage for the  performance of his talent!
    For this reason I named the original title which has a long distance to the content and hard to be recognized by reader friends! Sorry for the rude work style on writing!

  • Good child can go anywhere 2019-4-19 15:15

    The title does not pair the content?

    "To make fortune with bare hands”?

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