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Thinking ability and interest is the life of education

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China is still a developing country where you had better have patience on material hardware of education! 
Now what I concern most is that invisible software which includes the quality of textbooks and how they are taught! 
First, we must throw away some outdated teaching concepts:
 Our aim is to improve the children‘s thinking power instead of the mere gowth of so-called knowledge! Learning knowledge is to sharpen the edge of your thinking-knife that would be smart when dealing with future problems.  Through thinking-ability-training students should feel funny in exploring the physical world and they would do research driven by  their own interest and motivation. 
So ’thinking ability‘ and ’interest' are two elements when we measure the fruit of our teaching work. The old exam-scores or marks are not scientific since those have ‘killed' too many innocent lives for innovation!

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  • Good child can go anywhere 2019-4-20 09:13

    Feeling so shameful for the fact that my this post was labeled as ‘passing’ , it was hard for me to get into sleep last night! When I woke up this morning, I thought the best title for the blog should have been “Where is your potential energy?” (Of course there is no ‘question-mark’ in headline.)
    Special note: You may think that the character 力 can be understood as 'A man with strong legs and arms"! And 穷 shapes like ‘A man in cave-prison who can not fully make use of labor ability for living!
    In China we often say: "好男儿志在四方!" ---------A good boy is so ambitious that he takes the whole world as the stage for the  performance of his talent!
    For this reason I named the original title which has a long distance to the content and hard to be recognized by reader friends! Sorry for the rude work style on writing!

  • Good child can go anywhere 2019-4-19 15:15

    The title does not pair the content?

    "To make fortune with bare hands”?

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