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Greedy and new year
May I answer your question in this way?:
When I was young, people were not well off who often worried about food, clothing, firewood, etc. Children always looked forward to the coming of the Spring Festival that might mean delicious dishes, beautiful dress and flowers for girls while crackers to boys!  So there was a strong relationship between greed and the important festival which was the sensitive atmosphere of the new-year celebration!
I have posted many writings on some interesting Chinese characters which special-instructure  could speak out their mind!
I wish 馋 could become the key to unlock the door of our culture  for reader-friends on the festival!

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  • Develop more space of the growth-environment for kids! 2018-2-23 09:27

    SEARU: Then I am also prince!
    Consider our Domesday Book. The libertarian scum that were against it were no Dragons - they were exactly the same as the libertarian capitalist scum that rules the west right now. But were we destroying or improving? A Chinese Dragon is very similar to a Norman Dragon. We have a lot in common. We are strong and we have the courage to rule openly and honestly. The libertarian capitalist scum hide away behind others like the cowards that they are. They know that they are pretenders. They know that they are scum. They know that they are weak. They know that they are ignoble. Us Dragon Princes should work together. We are Brothers.

  • Develop more space of the growth-environment for kids! 2018-2-23 07:02

    SEARU: About "He used to encourage me not to do homework."-----------
    It sounds so strange to Chinese parents who always ask or force kids to do as ...
    Well the reason goes beyond my grandfathers poor parenting skills that resulted in my father disliking school. Praise and encouragement are Tue best ways to promote desirable behaviour in children and if my grandfather had known this then perhaps my father would have become a doctor like he wished. But yes beyond this my the point in the chronosystem in which my parents were born and the nation they were born in led them to believe that education was not particularly important. Both were born around 1960 in Australia and are 'baby boomers' - so when they were young adults in early/late seventies it was very easy for uneducated people to find a decent paying job which would enable them to buy a house within a reasonable amount of time and live a decent life. On top of that Australia was a traditionally working class culture and it was not uncommon for people in their time to leave school early so to them a highschool education wasn't even particularly important. Plus when they were starting a family Australian society was still encouraging poor Australians to have children and the thinking was that society would stay the same - it was unthinkable back then that neoliberal capitalists would take control of society and flood it with immigrants to out downward pressure on working class wages or that the nation would be flooded with guest workers to out downward pressure on working class wages or that Australian capitalists would offshore working class jobs to put downward pressure on working class wages - or that Australian society would be Americanized to the point that the term working class would be considered to be an insult. The workers ruled in my parents time here in Australia and they thought it would always be this way - this was their mindset and the reason for their low parental expectations as far as my education is concerned. For context - one of my fathers first jobs was working with my grandfather on a job he was doing for the corporation Pfizer. His title was 'steel worker'. I asked him what a steel worker did and he said basically nothing. He would hand my grandfather tools as he needed them. A boilermakers assistant basically. He said that the unions had it very good for the workers back then - lots or breaks and what not - good pay. Unions ruled in Australia back then - thanks to guys like my grandfather. So yeah - things have changed a lot. So the main reason is the point in the chronosystem that my parents came from. In China you were only allowed one child and made to understand that you had to pay for it, and China was a 'developing nation so yes Chinese parents come from a very different point in the chronosystem than my parents do at that same time.

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