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How to make Chinese language more powerful?

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To tell the truth, my major was physics instead of English in the university. I come here to summarize my teaching experience in my “special English’ just as that the same program from the Voice of America which is written by professional editors!

I think we fellow Chinese should learn from foreign friends who always tell stories in detailed way with more  accurate words, just as west photos are  more clear than Chinese brush-drawn paintings! -----------That is why I wish China would rewrite our dictionary which would explain each Chinese character in more scientific, reasonable and easy way that would benifit kids and smooth the way of the development of our culture!

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Reply Report SEARU 2017-12-2 22:03
I think fellow Chinese friends should not always be satisfied with the current mother-language level. We ought to use characters more freely in an easy way just as foreign counterparts do.  Don't repeat written or others‘ words when you describe something. Instead we should be encouraged to carve our own sculpture with the knife-like tongue based on self-observation-and-imagination!
Reply Report SEARU 2017-12-3 00:26
For more comments, please check the new thread with the same title!
Reply Report SEARU 2017-12-8 21:20
On the volume of the vocabulary,English is about twenty-times bigger than Chinese. But if one character could contain one-thousand words since itself is a picture, Chinese would be dozens times stronger than english considering on word-number.

So our dictionary should offer learners a nice analysis to the construction and meaning of each character that must be vivid like movie leaving you deep impression and could arise your interest!------------In this way Chinese would be dozens times stronger than english considering on word-number

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  • Start teaching and learning reform 2018-12-12 20:03

    I agree with what you wrote, except in USA kids not getting proper teaching, unless they go to a elite expensive private school today. Sad but true

  • The bridge from agriculture to education 2018-12-4 08:43

    For correction: Now people have formed new concept about what is 'agriculture’ !   
                         ......................                                 about  what ''agriculture’ is!
    A mistake on grammar.

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