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My advice for education reform!

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In China we often say the idiom ‘积重难返’-----------An old habit or phenomenon is hard for you to change its developing trend! --------------- Everyone can see or sense the backward elements these exist in the education base! Who is powerful enough to take the risk of if failure to save the situation? 
First we should totally throw away some outdated concepts about schooling!
a.--------------We learn to improve our thinking ability instead of the mere limited so-called knowledge!  Since computer-machine is more powerful than human on reciting and knowledge-learning!
b.--------------Interest is half of your success on books and career!  So enjoyment with homework and books is much valuble than the abstract numbers of scores!
C-.-------------Our government should invest more experts on re-editing new set of textbooks by all means since those are the backbone of our education cause. Such action and her achievement would become second Great Wall for the future history of our nation!
d.----------The teacher-students-discussion teaching mood should become popular that would encourage kids to tell out their own idea about the text!
f----------------The traditional exam-mood should be also improved that would pay much attention to students‘ real ability and interest instead of how many knowledge-points they have conquered! 

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  • Welcome Party Conference with Poem! 2017-10-18 23:22

    大浪淘沙------------Someone translated it as 'placed in rough sea'.
    大浪----------huge waves;   
    淘-------to wash sth in a  pan or basket or basin;
    Why 'huge waves wash sand'?   To get gold or other things from sand?
    Or the big  waves have washed away earth and mud from the sand just as what you deal with rice before cooking? ----------The God knows!
    浪淘尽千古风流人物-----------The waves have floated away too many ancient heroes into the sea!  (Most of ancient Chinese scholars were sensitive about the flying of time which seems like the running river!)  ----------The dead heroes have passed along with the old waves and what you could see is only yellow sand left!
    In general, we Chinese use the idiom-like phrase 大浪淘沙 as 'A bitter struggle or competition that is great challenge for your ability!’

  • Welcome Party Conference with Poem! 2017-10-18 21:35

    The background of the poem: I had spent two years in the campus of the Qv-Fu University where is confucius‘ home-town. Our inner feelings were very complicated when we were going to leave that familiar place!  ----------All students  would write down some warm-heated note on each other‘s diary for good-bye!’’  The poem above was I wrote to Miss. Li Ai-qing  who had been engaged with her classmate Tom whose home-town  was 梁山(liangshan or  liang-mountain).

    梁山绿林好汉威,----------- That here-like man with powerful appearance is so attractive since he comes from the deep woods of the Liang-shan county ( where the wonderful stories had taken place according to the famous novel  《Heroes of the Marshes》).
    平川德州彩云飞---------------Miss.Li  is going to take off like color clouds from her hometown where is  plain-area of the De-Zhou city!
    风飘旌旗巾帼将----------  Miss.Li looks like a female general with military-flags  waving in the air!
    大浪淘沙人更美---------------The future work life would seem like huge waves washing sand that  would let you become more beautiful!:$

    (Any poem contains too much information that makes the translation so hard even it was my own  work!;P)

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