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Finding people around the globe to be critical of China's developments and progresses is too easy a task or heaps easier to find anti-China and/or anti-Chinese elements to print blames and criticisms.



Malaysia is a well developed nation with a strong history of moderate Islamic cultures and beliefs which has ever since adopted a principle of win-win among different cultural backgrounds of its citizens and residents. Whereas, of course, Malaysia also needs to progress with time and global advancements in various fields and businesses. 



Since China is a northern East Asia neighbor of it and businesses between them have gone past decades blissfully and beneficially. It is not a new venture of Chinese businesses entering into this region though Alibaba carries a major eCommerce platform for Malaysians to achieve a significant liftoff in the practices of modern businesses. Moreover, it is not easy for Malaysians to develop and start a major eCommerce vehicle on its own due to its relatively small market size, human cultures and funding concerns. With US Amazon, Chinese Alibaba and others coming on board in Malaysia to provide such eCommerce facilities, Malaysians ought to be very happy with "A-Thump-Up" against its competitive neighbors : survival at home comes first. Competitions among major foreign players in Malaysia in this mutually beneficial aspect ( *not promoting warring arms and illicit drugs* ) will enable Malaysians to reap handsome rewards with renewed efforts and focus.



People like this cnbc Reporter with his article seen below here is entirely based upon jealousies to the extreme. Such report bears no good fruits except bad karmas awaiting !    




Alibaba's 'Digital Free Trade Zone' has some worried about China links to Malaysia

· A "Digital Free Trade Zone" between China and Malaysia, an official Belt and Road project, has many worried about the impact on local firms.

· A core element of the scheme is an electronic platform which is designed to ease trade between Malaysian and Chinese firms.

· The platform is a win for Alibaba, which hopes to eat rival Amazon's lunch in Southeast Asia, home to a booming e-commerce market.

Nyshka Chandran | @nyshkac  13-Feb-2018

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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      Strange animals surfacing:

      Ex-President Obama touted to write the rules for the whole world to follow; whereas current President of the USA, Trump, is very excited about :

      1.  bombing out the entire DPRK possibility just because the latter possesses a H Bomb arsenal versus US's thousands in its possession,
      2.  threatening the peace and stability in The Far East region with hundreds of thousand combat troops and kinds of killing machines practicing maneuvers,
      3.  using DPRK's nuke threat as pretexts to mount multiple THAAD units in S Korea to the annoyances of China, Russia and of course DPRK.
      4.  expanding and prolonging the war in Afghanistan by increasing troop numbers just because in it sits USD Trillions of natural resources,
      5.  staying put in the Mid East wars while wanting to tear its nuke deal with Iran,
      6.  killing TPP and climate change deals just for America First agenda / policy of Trump,
      7.  threatening China with trade war if China fails to control DPRK which is of course showing the stupidity of Trump in his gun and nuke diplomacy,
      8.  wanting a Mexico-US wall built and yet hurricanes could not be contained,
      9.  stirring up troubles in the SCS, Trump's warships nearly went aground; all but
      10  failing to repeal ObamaCare while trying so hard to stop so-called US Dreamers from occupy a spot in the USA.

      Surely, that is enough (good, bad and evil) for a man like Mr. Trump - The President of the USA.

    • Grass root official arrogance being foolish sowing bad image 2017-9-14 10:43

      In this fantastic era of China under President Xi and team in promoting goodwill, peace and prosperities among all neighbors (domestically, regionally & globally), bad behaviors and unruly attitudes toward common folks / people do NOT say well of officials and officers, especially at grass root levels. As I had published and reported in this blog of numerous other developers' cheatings and misadventures in this area such as Lantai (Meisha Bay) Developer, their illegally built up structures are still standing tall; whereas, we were witnessing half-drunken officer(s) dashing thru to smash glass windows of a newly constructed Guard Room is definitely NO-GO behavior or much like a gangster / rascal wanting to cause troubles to the local communities in a way to create a roadshow of "ugly communists within the system" . This sort of official malpractices in the eyes of the public is NOT promoting China but a despise so much disliked. Top officials must NOT fall asleep in this grass root level of misbehaving activities since China is working arduously and persistently to re-educate and smarten up officials and officers in all local departments.

      What is pissing people off so much in this case is the relatively tiny new guard room which is a goodwill to be shared by all residents and working guards whereas is NOT eating into government land use (at this moment). It occupies just a tiny portion ( approximately 40% of a 2 x 2 meter guard room ) up on the hill along Yiyun Road after ZTE. Comparing this to the hundreds hectares of government lands in Dameisha illegally occupied by various developers ( there seemed to be NO action taken against them all ); whereas, the area in size of the guard room is truly negligible. See how ridiculous the scenario could be and how wasteful of human resources put into it can add up to government budgets while President Xi is emphasizing a "frugality drive in the system" !

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