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A poster to start your China Dream 中国梦

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Steve Job didn't dream of building the ipod and iphone when he first started. Those product don't exist then. How can you dream of something that don't exist? That's the different between dream and fact. Steve Job started it with an idea.


Fact is what you already know. What everyone most probably know. But dream is born from an idea, a wish or a hope. A dream can be as small as wanting to start a business to as big as sending a spacecraft to land on a moon. There are those who dream, those who implement the dream and those who just sit and fantasize.


Dreamers works on an idea. Then build on it with something he already know. He then extends it non related ideas he read or come across and created another idea. Slowly from learning and experimenting, the small idea becomes a workable concept. They are like designers who takes ideas from different areas and create something new and wonderful. That takes time. It can be frustrating on days when nothing seems to happen. But when the idea crystalize, it opens up a Pandora box. It is like when someone first discover the genetic sequence and soon researchers all over are creating various new genetic sequence for other things. That needs time and sharing of ideas.


Bouncing ideas with friends and colleagues helps create other ideas. Sometimes you may pick up some useful ideas from a totally unrelated area. When Steve Job learn to write calligraphy, he didn't know that he was going to use that idea to create all those beautiful fonts on the MacIntosh computer many years later. Some ideas are not useless. It is just that the time is not yet right for them to bloom. So don't give up.


Richard Branson next dream is to send tourist into outer space*. He has no idea how that is going to be done but he's working on it.  So, what is your next big  .


* Latest: Space travel is now scheduled for 2015 and is open to Chinese travellers


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Reply Report liu5222512 2014-1-2 19:56
Social institutions is different between China and the west.
The two men's life stories have something to do with the institutions.
Maybe it is somewhat impossible for China to make a hero like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson,to some extent.
Even though with an idea as you said.
Reply Report juzunme 2014-1-3 06:23
Yes, you are right but thoughts and method can change and these things take time. So we should start now.

One thing I noted is that class where a teacher teach and the students just sit and listen is very efficient for transfer of knowledge. However China can experiment with special school or class where students are free to play with toys, tools and ideas and come up with their own projects. This type of learning is different. This will not product students who can score well in Gaokao. Therefore both school and parents need to take that risk.

What I noted is that Gaokao will produce great employee but not creative innovators because it focus only on set piece of answers that can clearly be marked right or wrong. There is no such fine line with design and innovation.

China need to take risk with some teaching methods if it wants to move from being the factory of the world to the laboratory of the world in its development.

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