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My Two Genres of Poetry - 'Cheez' and 'Cheesy'

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As a 'Shaayar' (poet) I often suffer from creative impulses. There is a gushing from within that needs to come out and 'spill on to paper' even if it is all in digital form these days. Broadly, there are two categories or genres of creations that come to fruition that I present to the world. I classify them according to the kind of spontaneous response they evoke from the readers.

One makes them go "Waah! Waah! Kya Cheez Hai!!"  (WOW! WOW! What a lovely thing it is!" and the other makes them go "Arey! Kya Cheesy Hai!" (Oh! How cheesy this is!!) . Of course, there are times when even if 'Cheesy' something is interesting bad enough to make the reader go 'Wah! Wah! Kya cheesy hai!"

So, briefly, one could categorize my writings into 'Cheez' or 'Cheesy' - you the reader decide which according to your taste.

Here are some samples of each of these two genres is given below

1a) Dhoondta hun bahaar har phool mein,
jab woh mere paas nahin hote
Virla hi hai woh shaks
jiske dil mein aas nahin hote

 English Translation:
I search for spring in every bloom
When she is not here
Rarely is there someone
In whose heart there is no desire

1b) Dhoondta hun waqt akele bibi ke saath
jab bacche ghar ke paas nahin hote
Woh bhi kya kismat wale hain 
Jinke ghar saas nahin hote

English Translation:
When the children are not around
I try to find time alone with my wife
The truly fortunate ones are found
With no in-laws in their life

2a) Mere siva tumhe koi aur jachta nahin
Tere bina mere dil ka raag rachta nahin

English Translation: 

Someone other than me is not suitable
Next to you juxtaposed
My heart's music is not able,
Without you, to be composed

2b)  Is pant ke saath yeh kameez bilkul jachta nahin
Nimboo aur pyaaz ke bina yeh mutton pachta nahin

English Translation:
This shirt does not go well with this pant
Sans lemon and onions, digest the mutton I cant!

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