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When truth and facts become enemies

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I saw an interesting thread about why someone thinks some culture 'hates' science.

Science in itself is worthy for the process it recommends or demands, not necessarily the end results. Most scientific work, at the end produce only theories or hypothesis that explain some observed facts or truths, often only to a close approximation. Only in the area of mathematics, it produces absolute everlasting truths that we can know for certain, but not so in other areas. The scientific process is objective and impartial to human wishes and biases. It models an ideal in human relationships where, if we treated each other or judged each other using a scientific approach in certain crucial aspects, we might be better off as a species or civilization. The fruits of the scientific methods can be beneficial to the humans regardless of their good or evil nature.

When politicians try to justify the unjustifiable, or try to distort facts or history, they often find scientific way of thinking and rational logic against them. So, they pander to a group who will willingly let go of rational thinking and the scientific method for perceived personal gain. One can see this happening around the world.

This is how powerful empires, even those whose strengths are based on scientific achievements, crumble. Ultimately, truth, logic and the scientific methods become their 'enemies' as they see it - whether in the physical sciences or social sciences. They start to hate those whose thinking process might prove to reasonable and rational people how wrong their political leaders might be. They like to blame the fruits of science rather than the motives of humans like themselves. What is unsaid is that use of any knowledge or the decision NOT to use a certain knowledge requires wisdom, which is more important always than knowledge itself.

Human venality always has a way of catching up with greed and making them silly and illogical. This is part of a natural process, perhaps to keep greed and evil in check ultimately. However, this often leads to cycles in human affairs with ups and downs. It keeps life  and human civilization always interesting.

What do you think?

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