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Is This True Love?

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Is This True Love?


He woke up later than anyone else in the house - it was past 9 am, stretched himself, loudly yawned, farted and rolled around the bed not wanting to get up. He scratched himself where it itched and tried to close his eyes against the bright morning light. It had been a tiring day - the day before, and he had gone to bed late. He had overslept, past his usual time. He had run around with his friends in the park and played until he was dog tired. Though smelly and sweaty, he had just collapsed into sleep after dinner on the bed. He was half asleep but had sensed being kissed goodnight as she gave him a warm hug. The warmth of her bosom had finally sent him to dreamland with a great feeling of being loved. He had barely sensed her waking up early, getting ready and setting off to work as he continued to sleep. He felt her warm hug and cuddle as she wished him a good day and did not stir as he heard her drive off- one among many, as most of the neighbours did.

The pangs of hunger induced him to drag himself to the kitchen where she had thoughtfully left a decent breakfast for him on his plate before leaving for work early. He finished the food and drink. He did not even think about cleaning up the little mess and spills of his breakfast or putting away his plate in the sink to be washed. He knew it would all be done for him. He usually did nothing around the house but she still loved him and never said a harsh word, though she affectionately scolded him sometimes. In his younger days, he had been more active, but nowadays, he was past his prime. However, he still took her love for granted and loved her in return. He always greeted her with love in his eyes. She would never leave him so long as she saw that. He felt no shame in her being the provider. It had always been so. Since they first met there was something each saw in the other that was irresistible. Love had overridden all other considerations. She was a good woman! His woman!

He lazily thought about what he could do today as he sauntered over to the window to look outside. It was a brilliant, clear day - the sun shining, not too hot after the recent spell of scorching days. He spotted his attractive female neighbour in her yard, apparently enjoying the sunshine as she walked around the clothesline. She seemed to sense his presence and turned towards his window. Seeing his appreciative look and knowing she was the focus of his attention she seemed to develop a preening air. She even lay down on the grass and suggestively rolled her body as if she really did not know she was being watched.

He was aroused. He watched, silent outwardly, but inside him, things were stirring and it was getting all noisy and hot. His breath quickened as she rolled over twice. He went downstairs and out through the backdoor to the lawn bordering his neighbour. He knew his woman did not like it when he had jumped over the fence to 'visit' his neighbour once in the past. She had had a big argument with the man next door. He looked around. He knew that the man next door too had gone to work and that the girl next door was alone. He had been warned not to go over again. Since then, all he had done was exchange some lustful glances of forbidden love. She too had seemed bent on winning him over and been putting on a show to attract him. Somehow, it had apparently become a challenge for her. Now he was starting to feel the same way.

He walked over to the fence and peeped through a gap in the fence palings. There she was lying on her side, facing him - a tantalising and tempting sight. She was quite close to the fence and he was certain she could sense him nearby. In a highly suggestive movement, she stretched her limbs, thrust out her belly and turned over to face away from him, as if inviting him to come on over to her side of the fence.

He could not resist any longer. He gave a furtive look around to see if any danger existed or if anyone was watching, who might stop him. He did not see anyone, just the familiar squirrel in the tree branch overhead who seemed to be watching intently.

"No fear!" he thought to himself as he suddenly felt the spring come back into his step and he jumped the fence in a trice! He was not sure he normally could have done it at his age.

She yelped in surprise at the suddenness of his arrival, though she seemed pleased at her gut instinct. He landed close to her and as she turned over instinctively, their limbs got tangled together. Either they did not care about who saw them or they were so confident no human was watching, they did not disentangle. Not a word exchanged, with just short squeals of surprise and within a second they were all over each other and nature took its course.

She did not seemed to mind his sweatiness or smell. He thought she smelt heavenly. It was just great. They played and chatted for a little while afterwards. She offered him a drink. He accepted gratefully. After about half an hour, he just jumped back over the fence and slunk into his house. He had his noon nap. He woke up to eat a little and then went for a swim in the pool beside the deck, he lay down in the sun to dry himself off. This was on the other side of his house from his friendly, female neighbour. He kept away from that side for the rest of the day. He did not want to appear too eager or committed to see her again.

It got a bit warm and he headed indoors, went over to lie on the couch and watch as his favourite afternoon TV programs came on. It had been programmed to start up at the right times. His woman took good care of him!

He went to sleep on the couch and dozed off into dreamland where he had even more thrilling and pleasant dreams in which his neighbour was an important feature. He was rudely awakened by the hug of his woman. She had picked up a special treat for him for dinner that night, it being the 10th anniversary of their having met, not that he remembered or cared to remember it. She had remembered!

As he ate heartily, he realised he had a great life. He was grateful to his woman and showed his appreciation for her. He licked her, all over her face, his tail wagging. She hugged him tight and patted his head.


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Reply Report Deqiu_Tseng 2013-8-23 08:27
Reply Report 米洛.DeSTi 2013-8-26 14:35
Reply Report Super_Panda 2013-8-26 21:08
i don't think it is true love, the man is just a parasite who lives on others
Reply Report KIyer 2013-8-27 05:56
Super_Panda: i don't think it is true love, the man is just a parasite who lives on others
read the last two lines of the story carefully...
Reply Report Luna-joy 2013-8-27 10:28
so he is only a pet dog....
Reply Report Khan302 2013-8-28 00:55
Reply Report 哪些、年华 2013-8-28 17:16
haha, unexpected ending
Reply Report LawrenceD 2013-8-31 20:16
Haha. Used to write like that ages ago - perhaps a bit more salty. Stumbled upon your reply in that thing about "government as a reflection of a people", liked it, and hence visiting this blog. Keep up the good work.
Reply Report KIyer 2013-8-31 20:21
LawrenceD: Haha. Used to write like that ages ago - perhaps a bit more salty. Stumbled upon your reply in that thing about "government as a reflection of a  ...

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