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Life in the journey

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      Life is a journey, what matters is not the result but the scenery you have enjoyed on the way to your life, as well as the highs and lows you have endured in your life. 

      what I have been pursuing all the time is a precious and unique journey in my life,  it is true , maybe, that the journey is neither the best one nor the most favorable one,

      but no matter how much hardship it is full of and no matter how many barriers it is filled with, absolutely it means a lot to me in this or that ways, presented by my sorrows and joys, toghther with my happiness and worries.

      Life is a journey, as well as a choice. It is a jouney that only belongs to yourself, since nobody but you do have all experince of each moment, so you have witnessed all happened on the way.

       Life is a choice, all what you have now are results of the choice made yesterday, and what choice you have made today give rise to the coming future you will get.

      Therefore, all in all, life is journey replete of endless choices, in other words, what you want make your future what you get.      


       As for me, I have treasured every chance to make a chioce, because I have a clear idea that when I make it , I am choosing my life,

      so deep and sound considerations is a must in order not to make myself regretful, but once made it, never woud i give myself any moment to look back, the only thing I need is to move forward boldly and bravely, neither fearless nor pities,  

     because A strong belief rooted in my deep heart is that a better one is always on the way, and what I have to do is much more diligient work and intelligient thoughts to take full advantage of today to reach the next station, and even more. 

     Life is also in the journey. If you have no money enough to buy a grand house, nor a luxurious car, the one thing you are supposed to be engaged in is to travel all over the place.

     Jouneys provide us with approaches to broaden you vision and expand your sights, which is absolutely priceless, espcially for the young,

     because the rest of you life is made up of all those you have got in your journey, where you have accumulated your experiences and are equiped with intelligent minds

       what is more important, it is in the journey that you make your life. The secret to a prosperous future lies in what you have endeavored to do and efforts you have made to fight for the end, that is your goal

    no doubt that life is on the journey. once I have great hatred aginst long journey for many unreasonable causes, while it is clear that i am abessed with it now as I am growing up. More and more valuable things and profound comprehesions about life have been shaped on the way

     no reasons and no excuess to refuse a journey, and no encouragment and boldness to shut the doors to new scenery, because it is a chance of great values for me to welcome another futhure, different from today,

    more importantly, life in the journey make every possibility for you to find another youself in a divergent way, which is a complete one, and maybe a better one.

    so just do in now, travelling to any place where you are eager to, and give a chance to discover a new self

    The following Seventh Evening of the Seventh Moon,the Lover Festival in China, will be a prelude to another journey, full expectations and much more surprises waiting for me , a journey to new discoveries , both on myself and on nature

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Reply Report 槿↖(^ω^)↗ 2013-8-5 17:15
"the one thing you are supposed to be engaged in is to travel all over the place. "you make a point
Reply Report 梦想不是理想 2013-8-6 14:27
thank you
Reply Report 上善若水(Candy 2013-8-8 12:04
you have many mistakes about the words' type
Reply Report ╰☆Almee☆╰ 2013-8-8 12:40
上善若水(Candy: you have many mistakes about the words' type
   of course thank you

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    I like your article.

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    Passby_S_MyTH_L: HI

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