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Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula?

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North Korea’s nuclear test has agitated the geopolitical balance in North Asia and the world. Due to North Korea rejected China’s proposal of abandon developing nuclear weapon, some experts considered that China has lost the game. Though the opinion sounds interesting, it is not the fact in long term.


In micro strategy of North Asia and even the world, China has becoming a large power. Whether North Korea, South Korea, even USA accept China’s influence or not, it is the most important fact. Under such a micro background, North Korea’s nuclear weapon project could not alter the trend of China’s increasing soft power or steady power. Though China face some challenge in the game for the reason of short preparatory, it is not wise to determine that China lost the entire game---Just like in Japanese attack pearl harbor, USA did not lose the game of WWII.


Since China did not lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula, it is necessary for China to provide some security products in the region and keep balance among large powers in the world. In extremist situation, presume North Korea’s nuclear weapon out of control, all the countries in the region or the rest world would be victim of Kim’s madness. Therefore, China should priority the crisis, and coordinate with USA and Russia as well as South Korea and Japan to solve the crisis. The best strategy is that North Korea accept some deal to give up its nuclear project initiatively, the worst strategy is that North Korea had to give up its project under military pressure. Of course, some experts’ opinion could be considered, which suggested that Jim’s family lost its privilege may become the key to solve the crisis and avoid war.   


In conclusion, China did not lose the game of Korea Peninsula crisis, and solving the crisis should be the priority of China’s agenda. Last but not least, it is necessary for China to cooperate and coordinate with other countries to solve the crisis. Just as Chinese wisdom says, crisis would become great opportunity if deal properly.

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Reply Report Liononthehunt 2017-5-11 14:43
Getting rid of the Kim clan while keeping North Korea as a nation state probably would solve all the hassles once and for all.
Reply Report TedM 2017-5-11 15:17
The situation here is not a game. It is far too serious for that. I have long argued that all hope for peace and stability rests with China, and that it is with their cooperation with other countries that a solution will be found. With Trump in power, the risks have escalated.
(Liononthehunt): As has been found many times in history, a country used to tyranny and an absolute control dissolves into chaos and violence when the rulers are over-thrown. It is not enough to remove the leaders of such countries. A long term planned investment in that country would be needed... new powerful leaders to control and replace the old ones. In the case of the DPRK, the collapse of the Kim regime would have terrible consequences because of the widespread absolute conditioning of its people. Without their "God" (Kim) the country would quickly deteriorate into chaos and confusion. The danger is that, as has always happened powers removing the Kim family would then organise the DPRK to suit their own interests and not for the people of North Korea. This creates massive problems for the future, and opportunities for the rise of extremist groups.
Reply Report river9363 2017-5-12 15:48
I agree with your most opinion.
Firstly, The solving to crisis, to some extend, is a game. Besides the regional security, each country has its unique interest in the issue while they presume the situation is only the result of North Korea's trick.  For example, some media reported that the residence in South Korea is not anxiety to the nuclear threat as USA.  All politicians likes to add some credits for themselves from the game.
Secondly, solving to the crisis may rely upon North Korea people. Though Kim family is considered as the only opponent to negotiation, the people in North Korea has been neglected both within domestic and  abroad-- once the people recognize the real situation there were, the crisis may be solved in a way different from what was expected. Therefore, how to break North Korea's information blockade may help the crisis solving while the imagined chaos and confusion would be avoided.
Reply Report Dracarys 2017-5-14 11:07
as we all saying .. have nuclear weapon would make this world free of war cause we both know if any country declared a war .. it would be an end of this world ..
Reply Report river9363 2017-5-15 11:03
Yeah, you are right. And I think you may have a presumption before your opinion, that is every part who owns nuclear weapon must be rational. Once an unrationed man owns a nuclear weapon, the world might not avoid the war but more dangerous...
Reply Report GreenNanning 2017-5-20 09:33
There seems not a region known as "North Asia" as the stakeholder in the nuclear crisis.
Reply Report parcher 2017-5-28 18:39
Liononthehunt: Getting rid of the Kim clan while keeping North Korea as a nation state probably would solve all the hassles once and for all.
Yes China could easily do that...
Reply Report Assamuel 2017-7-1 15:20
Let those who don't have nuclear weapons complain. I think, China is just too smart to understand "why it should stop others when it has them".
Reply Report sanam 2017-7-7 19:42
china lost the korea game the minute it established diplomatic relations with the south korean rejim
Reply Report Swifty55 2017-8-9 14:49
I agree 100%.Sad to know that the USA may not wait. I was born in the USA and lived there over 50 years.Problem is the USA with Trump may again drop nukes as they did in WW2.USA likes to be the world police and have done a very poor job since WW2.
Reply Report ingo_001 2017-8-10 21:14
The problem is: Both (Trump & Kim) play the chicken game.

Kim "just" wants to become an acept partner (eye-to-eye) with other countries.
For that he allways "shout": See, I have the a-bomb as well, so ... you have to talk with me.
He is like a kid, which want to be treated like a grown up.

His dad and his grandfather have had that behavior as well.
So the rest of the world knew, how ti handle it.

But now it can become dangerous, because Trump, dont know what to do.
In some ways he is similar to Kim: Both think, they can do what they want.

I am sure, Kim know the reality - Trump dont. He really believe what he say ... more worst: He dont accept reality. He built is own reality, named alternative facts.

Worst case: Trump realy start military actions.
At least (in his thinking) its a good way to let the americans stand behind him - and let them forget about the problems he have.

Therefore Trump and Kim are twins: If you have problems inside of your country, just built an enimy outside and say: See, we are the good once - the others are bad.
America first ... no matter what it will costs.
Reply Report wuxin0305 2018-3-28 15:42
Reply Report kennethlim 2018-4-2 20:59
The question of title is ludicrous.
Reply Report 1626548377 2018-7-24 19:02
Most people listen and read western propaganda, Kim is this bad and he's this mad. Oh yes, I forgot Kim was the mad president who invade countries across the world and kill thousands of woman, children and old people. Who are the mad murderers, a few months ago a TV presenter ask a senator on MSNBC if America will get rid of their nuclear arsenal, the answer was NO America must defend themselves.
Now the million dollar question is, why can't Kim be allowed to defend NK.
Reply Report Ringo33 2018-10-12 21:12
North Korea is a buffer state between China and the outside world. Unification of both Koreas is hazardous to us. To maintain the status quo is the best option.
Reply Report Newtown 2018-10-21 06:49
sanam: china lost the korea game the minute it established diplomatic relations with the south korean rejim
Rejim ? So how is Jim these days ?

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