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How should China Central Government Consider Hong Kong's Police Rally

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Though it is Hong Kong's affairs to deal with the police rally, Central government should not ignore its influence.
According to media reports, a great amount of police officers gathered for supporting seven  convicted colleagues for assault; The media said that it is the first large scale of police rally in Hong Kong. Some experts and politicians in Hong Kong showed their worries because it indicated the Hong Kong's intense among Hong Kong police and the society.

There is no information about the central government's attitude to the event, however, no one believe the central government would ignore. And the central government's attitude would impact more both in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. 

What should the central government do under "One nation two system" policy? and what is the proper strategy for the Central government?

Definitely, the central government is reluctant to see such a police officers' rally, Hong Kong's harmony is the Central government's expectance.  In mainland, policemen's unofficial gathering is not allowed; and those who attending the rally will violate the law.  

Should the central government support the proposal of establishing new law to punish those attack police in the event?  From the newspaper in mainland, the authority's attitude to the familiar proposal is positive. However, perhaps it is not smart to do that in Hong Kong.

In brief, the best strategy for the central government, maybe is to keep silence to the debate in such a moment. 


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  • Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula? 2017-8-10 21:14

    The problem is: Both (Trump & Kim) play the chicken game.

    Kim "just" wants to become an acept partner (eye-to-eye) with other countries.
    For that he allways "shout": See, I have the a-bomb as well, so ... you have to talk with me.
    He is like a kid, which want to be treated like a grown up.

    His dad and his grandfather have had that behavior as well.
    So the rest of the world knew, how ti handle it.

    But now it can become dangerous, because Trump, dont know what to do.
    In some ways he is similar to Kim: Both think, they can do what they want.

    I am sure, Kim know the reality - Trump dont. He really believe what he say ... more worst: He dont accept reality. He built is own reality, named alternative facts.

    Worst case: Trump realy start military actions.
    At least (in his thinking) its a good way to let the americans stand behind him - and let them forget about the problems he have.

    Therefore Trump and Kim are twins: If you have problems inside of your country, just built an enimy outside and say: See, we are the good once - the others are bad.
    America first ... no matter what it will costs.

  • Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula? 2017-8-9 14:49

    I agree 100%.Sad to know that the USA may not wait. I was born in the USA and lived there over 50 years.Problem is the USA with Trump may again drop nukes as they did in WW2.USA likes to be the world police and have done a very poor job since WW2.

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