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Which is the Nash Equilibrium Point of South China Sea Dispute?

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                                  Which is the Nash Equilibrium Point of South China Sea Dispute?


The Dispute of South China Sea has been a hot issue among the politicians of Asian- Pacific and International academy. Is there any payoff equilibrium point for the partner of the dispute?  


In recent years, the dispute of South China Sea has attached more attention. While China claims it is sovereign on basis of history and benefits on basis of its sovereign, Vietnam and Philippine and other neighbor states also claim their interest in South China Sea. USA, and Japan involve the dispute directly and indirectly. Actually, dispute of South China Sea has become a game of multiplayers without cooperation. The fear is, the dispute seems provoke regional conflict and depress the region security.  


John Nash has proposed his famous theory of non-cooperative games. According to Nash Equilibrium theory, there must be an equilibrium point in n-person game. Applying Nash Equilibrium theory, there is also an equilibrium point in South China Sea dispute.


Giving the equilibrium point were discovered, the dispute would be solved peacefully. Before that, the dispute would be existed. As for the players in surrounding the region, keep calm is vital to avoid arm conflicts with other partner.

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  • Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula? 2017-8-10 21:14

    The problem is: Both (Trump & Kim) play the chicken game.

    Kim "just" wants to become an acept partner (eye-to-eye) with other countries.
    For that he allways "shout": See, I have the a-bomb as well, so ... you have to talk with me.
    He is like a kid, which want to be treated like a grown up.

    His dad and his grandfather have had that behavior as well.
    So the rest of the world knew, how ti handle it.

    But now it can become dangerous, because Trump, dont know what to do.
    In some ways he is similar to Kim: Both think, they can do what they want.

    I am sure, Kim know the reality - Trump dont. He really believe what he say ... more worst: He dont accept reality. He built is own reality, named alternative facts.

    Worst case: Trump realy start military actions.
    At least (in his thinking) its a good way to let the americans stand behind him - and let them forget about the problems he have.

    Therefore Trump and Kim are twins: If you have problems inside of your country, just built an enimy outside and say: See, we are the good once - the others are bad.
    America first ... no matter what it will costs.

  • Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula? 2017-8-9 14:49

    I agree 100%.Sad to know that the USA may not wait. I was born in the USA and lived there over 50 years.Problem is the USA with Trump may again drop nukes as they did in WW2.USA likes to be the world police and have done a very poor job since WW2.

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