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College Graduate Makes Success of Mountain-grown Products

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Shi Qiuxiang (R3) explains to local villagers about her standards in collecting sweet potatoes. [Xinhua]


A female college graduate from a mountainous region in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has successfully sold a popular variety of mushroom along with other homegrown produce, increasing the incomes of local people over the past few years.

Shi Qiuxiang, 30, comes from a rural family in a village in Rongshui Miao Autonomous Prefecture in the city of Liuzhou.

Shi went to Shenzhen, an economic powerhouse in southern China's Guangdong Province, and worked as a salesperson in a pharmaceutical enterprise after she completed her academic studies in Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine in 2008.

Shi noticed that demand had long outstripped the supply of high-quality natural lingzhi mushrooms. It was hard to transport them out of mountainous areas, including her hometown, though the herbs are widely believed to have health properties, especially among urban residents.

Therefore, Shi gave up the work in Shenzhen and returned to Rongshui to set up her own business initiative in 2013, though her former employer had offered a promotion and financial incentives in an attempt to urge her to stay behind.

Shi's self-made brand came into being in July 2014. During the early stage of her hard-earned success, she often marched across mountains and rivers to collect natural lingzhi from local villagers and sometimes even encountered deceptions in the process.

Moreover, she often worked till late in the night to better store the collected fungi.

Shi successfully regained contact with her former customers in Shenzhen and explored their social connections to enlarge the market share.

So far, she has built stable partnerships with over 800 buyers and organized several picking activities in harvest seasons to further promote the popularity of her brand.

As her business has been fast growing, Shi has kept an eye on locally homegrown sweet potatoes and other agricultural products in recent years to expand the scope of business undertakings and provide more employment opportunities to mountainous residents.

A total of 811 rural households from 12 villages in seven townships have been involved in the plantation of sweet potatoes, which will be sold by Shi.

Shi disclosed in an interview that she would make better use of e-commerce to enlarge her management scale and aim to develop her business into a time-honored enterprise.


Shi Qiuxiang (L1, front) poses for a photo with local villagers on their farmland. [Xinhua]
Self-made vermicelli made by local villagers [Xinhua]
Shi Qiuxiang checks the sales progress of her homegrown products online. [Xinhua]
Shi Qiuxiang (R) talks with an employee about their production. [Xinhua]
Local farmers give their smile on their farmland. [Xinhua]


(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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