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Sales of Sex-Education Books for Children Hit Record in SW China

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Sales of Sex ed Books for Children Hit Record in SW China

The sales of sex education books for children have been on the rise in China as parents are taking steps to help their kids understand their bodies and teach them to protect themselves, Chengdu-based Tianfu Zaobao reported on Nov 30.

Unlike in the past, sex education books are now placed in a prominent position at bookstores for Chinese parents to choose from.

A staff member of a bookstore in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu said over 200 sex education books were sold in October, more than the total sales volume of last year.

The most noticeable instance is a book called Learning to Love Yourself, which sold out in one month after it was put on the shelves.

"The book was on parents' shopping list before, but now it has become a best seller with 60 books being sold out within a week," said Ming Jing, a salesperson at a bookstore in Chengdu.

Learning to Love Yourself covers sex knowledge including the differences between male and female bodies, how to take care of and protect yourself, where children come from, and other topics Chinese parents sometimes feel too embarrassed to talk about to their kids.

To promote the books, some bookstores in Chengdu even put up a board that reads "let our kids know their bodies, and learn to love, respect, and protect themselves," and they are reminding parents that sex education is love education.

Some Chinese parents has already taught shallow sex knowledge to their children, teaching them not to let strangers touch them and not to accept things from strangers, but these tips are far from enough.

Zhang Xin, a mother of a 4-year-old girl, who bought Learning to Love Yourself upon its release, said she felt delighted that the book teaches her child about proper sex knowledge.

Proper sex education can also help prevent sexual abuse perpetuated by adults or older kids, Zhang said, adding that her daughter has mastered some sex knowledge, such as how her mom gave birth to her, and she will spread her knowledge to other kids.

Hu Guangwei, professor of Sichuan University, said the occurrence of child sex abuse cases in recent years should warn parents to take more steps to enhance children's awareness of protecting themselves.

Chinese parents and teachers are progressing in their attitudes toward sex education, Hu said, hoping that the education books will become easier to understand. 


(Source: People's Daily Online)

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