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Young Woman Creates Unique Fan Art

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Wang Xiaoyi []


A young woman has risen to fame online for drawing a series of costume designs inspired by the popular 2015 TV drama Nirvana in Fire.

Better known by her penname Hu Cong Mi Suan, Wang Xiaoyi learned painting in her junior years. Though she majored in designing in college, she has clung to drawing in her spare time.

"I began my formal creations after graduating from college. Now painting has become an indispensable part of my life," said Wang.

The young illustrator noted that she has been a fan of historical TV dramas. "I like the ancient costumes and the headwear, as well as the stories between gifted scholars and beautiful ladies," she explained. 

Wang is especially fond of Hong Kong filmmaker Tsui Hark's works, such as Green Snake andSwordsman II, whose unique visual style has influenced her direction. "Tsui helped lay the foundation for my aesthetic standard," she added.

Talking about her latest series, Wang said, "Creation of the faceless style is actually just a 'coincidence'. When I started my creation, I found it hard to draw a satisfactory face, so I left it vacant. Over time, people have become accustomed to it, and many even like it."

While weakening the facial expression, Wang focuses more on a figure's dynamic state, such as his or her drifting hair and clothes as well as the surrounding waving twigs and flowing river.

"All the figures I produce are my favorite characters from big or small screens. As their images have imprinted on my mind, my works are thus vivid and expressive," Wang explained.

Since working for the film studio Volcano Pictures, Wang has been developing a new direction. Although she still adopts an ancient genre for her latest cartoon series An Endless Story Between Brother Wang and Brother Li, Wang presents it to readers with a sense of dry humor.

In addition, with this year's re-release of the movie A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella, Wang has been invited to work on a series of faceless figures for the movie's theme posters, which have gained great popularity, too.


Wang's faceless works based on the TV drama 'Nirvana in Fire' [Wang's account at Sina Weibo]

Wang's work based on a TV drama about seven fairies [Wang's account at Sina Weibo]

Wang's work based on TV drama 'The Story of a Noble Family' [Wang's account at Sina Weibo]

Wang's work based on TV drama 'A Smile Is Beautiful' [Wang's account at Sina Weibo]

Wang's work based on TV drama 'To the Sky Kingdom' [Wang's account at Sina Weibo]

Wang's work based on TV drama 'Lost Love In Times' [Wang's account at Sina Weibo]

Wang's work based on movie 'A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella' [Wang's account at Sina Weibo]


(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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