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Daring Chinese Backpackers Dream Big to Enjoy Globetrotting Lifestyle

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Nowadays, more and more female Chinese backpackers are daring to travel around the world in a free, carefree and inexpensive way, according to reports.

Their rich life experiences and exciting global journeys have recently hit the headlines in publications including Women Voice, the media outlet of the All-China Women's Federation.


Daring Chinese Backpackers Dream Big to Enjoy Globetrotting Life.

"I was born to travel," said Molly, who has embarked on her journey together with her boyfriend since 2012.

In the next 18 months, the couple have experienced in-depth travel across 37 countries such as Japan, Thailand and India.

"I am addicted to travel and I think this affection stems from the numerous road-trip films I watched during my college years," Molly explained.

"My favorite ones are The Motorcycle Diaries and Easy Rider," Molly added.

Moreover, Molly believes the best way to cover expenses is to make money along the route.

Chen Yuxin

Daring Chinese Backpackers Dream Big to Enjoy Globetrotting Life.

At 22, Chen Yuxin chose to start her internship in Europe, and she aimed to travel the continent at a slow tempo.

"One can never realize how far he or she can go if they never set off," Chen wrote in a book recording her single life during her journeys.

"A single visitor, like me, has more time to think about my personal life, especially after having talks with local people and other travelers," Chen said.

"Traveling implies a lifetime cycle in terms of passers-by, farewells, forgetfulness, and reunions," Chen believes.

Nowadays, the only thing that bothers her is that she may not see enough of the world before her life ends.

Liang Zi

Daring Chinese Backpackers Dream Big to Enjoy Globetrotting Life.

Beijing-based writer and journalist Liang Zi achieved fame in 2000 as the first female Chinese photographer to conduct a humanistic, pictorial investigation of African tribes.

So far, Liang has carried a heavy backpack to Africa eight times, Afghanistan three times and India six times.

Prior to her African journey, Liang had a rich working experience, for example, as a nurse, a film projectionist and a wartime medical staff member.

In return, some of her many accolades include being selected among the Top 40 Chinese Figures in 2008 by UK magazine Time Out; the most influential person of 2011 according to China's Travel TV; and, she was given the award for Best Photograph, as issued by organizers of Outdoor Experience in 2012.

Zhang Lizhen

Daring Chinese Backpackers Dream Big to Enjoy Globetrotting Life.

Zhang started her first nationwide trip with just 100 yuan (U.S.$ 14.50). She gave full details of her unique low-priced travel approach in a book, which later was adapted into a Chinese TV series Beijing Youth.


Daring Chinese Backpackers Dream Big to Enjoy Globetrotting Life.

Xila started traveling around the world three years ago with the hope of taming her grief after breaking up with her boyfriend.

In the first year, she met a new man who told her "love lies in good luck."

In the second year, she went to see the Sahara Desert and felt lucky to be able to experience the wider world.

As she had expected, she met her true love earlier this year.

Hong Chen

Daring Chinese Backpackers Dream Big to Enjoy Globetrotting Life.

"My life is split between travel and reading," said Hong Chen, who has written for National Geographic and is media professor in southwest China's Chongqing Technology and Business University, as well as being a veteran backpacker.

Among her many outbound journeys, she spent six months in Nepal, followed by a two-month tour of India.

Moreover, Hong and her husband have undertaken a total of five crossover tours in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region in the past decade.

Wang Hongren

Daring Chinese Backpackers Dream Big to Enjoy Globetrotting Life.

Wang Hongren wanted to encapsulate her youth through the time she spent traveling, covering over 40 countries in three years.

"The more you travel, the more you'll realize how big the world is and how little you know about yourself," Wang said.


(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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