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Lost Skills of Love

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A screen-shot of the French movie 'Love Me If You Dare' [new-weekly at WeChat]


With the changing of the times, many couples have developed trendy new ways to show their love to each other, whilst some once-popular romantic skills are rapidly fading away. 

Writing Love Letters

In the 90s, people commonly referred to the so-called "three wonder-working weapons" in the pursuit of love: playing the guitar, singing folk songs and writing love letters. Lovers of the time liked to pour their hearts out, especially, through writing. It was believed that handwriting could reveal a person's true heart. If someone is impatient, he or she writes hastily and carelessly; if they are sincere, his or her words will be touching.

Walking on the Road

In the 70s, Chinese people lived through a time of hardships, without much money to buy gifts for their sweethearts. At the time, lovers enjoyed strolling along the road, through a park or beside a lake at sunset. The practice was called yamalu in Chinese. They often walked several kilometers, without ever tiring. 

Taking the Lover to Grandparents

In contrast to today's ritual of visiting the other person's parents, in the past, people in love preferred to take their girlfriends or boyfriends to see their grandparents first, symbolizing double trust and dependence.

Having a Common Language 

Regarding love, many believe that a common language means that both people will have similar values, always have things to talk about and reach a consensus on many issues. However, lovers nowadays have changed from chatting in each other's arms to playing with their phones together. 

When You Say Nothing at All

In old times, people seldom declared their love in broad daylight; they tried to show their feelings unconditionally. Action speaks louder than words. 

Nowadays, speaking out about one's feelings has become a standard feature of romance. What's more, many often do it in public, with both good and bad reactions. There are many examples of celebrities who showed their love on their Weibo accounts (the Chinese version of Twitter) and deleted their posts soon after. 

Some say love in olden days was much better than now. In their lifetime, they might never have taken wedding photos nor kissed romantically, but their mutual help and relief in humble circumstances stood in for their feelings. Nevertheless, in different eras, people always have different views of love and different ways of pursuing their attractions.


A screen-shot of the French movie 'Love Me If You Dare' [new-weekly at WeChat]

(Source: new-weekly at WeChat/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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