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Over 90% of Chinese Parents Fail at Parenting, Says Lawyer

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Lawyer Tong Lihua's new book We Change Because of You - A Father's 25 Reflections on Family Education []

Lawyer Tong Lihua's new book We Change Because of You - A Father's 25 Reflections on Family Education []

Over 90 percent of Chinese parents fail at parenting, said a lawyer specializing in the protection of minors at a recent press conference for the launch of his new parenting book.

Tong Lihua, director of the Beijing Zhicheng Law Firm and Beijing Child Legal Aid and Research Center, shared his thoughts and suggestions on family education with parents at the press conference for his new book We Change Because of You - A Father's 25 Reflections on Family Education on July 7, 2013, at the Beijing Books Building.

Tong cited a research result which shows that 42 percent of 1,000 juvenile offenders polled said that they have hated their parents and among regular middle school students, 25 percent said the same.

"Chinese parents do not communicate well with their children and some do not set good examples," Tong said. "For instance, they always tell their children not to spend too much time online but they themselves sit in front of the computer for hours after coming home from work." 

Tong also advised parents not to complain about work and society in front of children. "It will pass on negative emotions and a biased perception of things," he said.

He added that there are three problems when it comes to Chinese families: the idea that children are the possession of parents, the habit of over-indulging children, and parents forcing their unrealized dreams on their children.

In his new book, Tong uses many case studies that he has encountered in the course of his work to explain and reflect on common problems in child-raising.

Tong believes that parents and children should respect each other and parents should treat children as their friends.

He also emphasized that parents should set good examples in both words and actions. "Only when we provide them with a good growth environment can children grow up healthy," he said.

Tong also serves as Director of the Special Committee for Child Protection of the National Chinese Lawyers' Association. Among his accomplishments, he set up the children's rights protection lawyer network across China and developed a project on promoting children's rights in China.

Tong has authored and edited  around 30  legal publications.

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